2020 Tesla Model Y – Preview and Release date

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y as imagined by Autocar

"This article is based on a rumors (It's not officialy confirmed)"

The question is not if it is possible to see 2020 Tesla Model Y, but according to the Musk, CEO of the Tesla company, the real question is when to expect it? In July, Musk confirmed that Tesla will release a new car, Model 3, which will be called Y-model, similar to the Model 3, but slightly different, with many novelties and technical changes. It will be a compact SUV crossover and will have many new features, never seen on other cars. Keep in mind that Must has not explained how the Y-model particularly looks like, but how the future of the Tesla cars will look like so we basically had to collect those announcements and make the robot of the future Y-model from Tesla.


Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y as imagined by Autocar

There is a mysterious tweet from the October in 2015, which wrote Musk himself about the falcon-wing doors in the next model from Tesla. As he said then, it will be on Model 3 (a sister of the Y-model) or on our Y-model in the future. The tweet has been deleted shortly, and we are still not sure in a verity of this tweet. However, the new Model 3 has been shown without falcon-wing doors, which opened a rumor again that Tesla Model Y will have them.

Another tweet from November announced a solar roof, already used on Tesla cars but only for defrosting. This time is should be used for energy collecting as the type of the solar energy glass. Even though Musk said that this roof will be an option for Model 3, there is no reason for not expecting that on Model Y, too. It seems that Tesla will resolve the problem with the cargo space, allowing the folding down of the seats, which has not been possible before.


The future of driving is driver-free cars, and Tesla Model Y will be one of those cars. The fully autonomous driving mode means really that – an autopilot for driving without the driver! Again, this promised Musk himself, saying that they already have a hardware which will replace the driver and be capable of hardest driving demands and challenges. However, many things stand between that solution and the expectations and plans. It should be approved as hardware in some countries and it will be offered only there where it is achieved. They from Tesla promised more energy in a battery, meaning at least 238 miles per charging. That is more competitive than any other Tesla car before!


Although it is not clear when will 2020 Tesla Model Y show up, according to the Musk, new models from Tesla should be expected by the end of 2020, so this is the date for this model.


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