Savage Supercar Limited Edition, Geneva

2017 Savage Supercar by Italdesign

There were numerous rumors the new Savage Supercar will be revealed in March 2017, at the Geneva Motor Show. Italdesign has anounced that their newest Supercar will be made in only 5 (five!) examples. Five vehicles for the whole world sounds too few. But, this is the policy of Italdesign and it will be as is. If you can spare the amount required to purchase one of these, rush to Geneva because the show starts soon!

Savage Supercar’s Exterior Design, Engine, Specs

Updated information

This Savage Supercar will be sold by the name of “Special Car 001”, as Italdesign has announced.

2017 Savage Supercar by Italdesign
2017 Savage Supercar by Italdesign

This type of the car surely needs to be made from carbon fiber, so the body is getting light as a butterfly. The fact that the chassis is going to be made from aluminium and some more carbon fiber can only add to the constatation this will be some superlight Savage Supercar. 2017 Savage Supercar will be equipped with a 5.2-liter V10 engine (the one from R8 and Huracan). This engine is a well known engine and it is known it can deliver 610 horsepower. The acceleration is fierce and the savage supercar will get from 0-62mph in amazing 3.2 seconds. The top speed will be 205 mph, very similar to R8. The company behind this savage supercar derives from Volkswagen. Savage Supercar will have “racing car performance with type approval”, Italdesign has provided these information right before Geneva Motor Show.
The exterior design came right out of the designer’s team headquarters that has designed the BMW M1. This means the exterior design is mean and aggressive. Air intakes, rear spoiler, a large diffuser and a front splitter are here to make us drop our jars on the day of the revealing this masterpiece. Supercar like this needs to have flawless aerodynamics, so Savage Supercar is low as it gets to maintain specs of a supercar. Although this is a strictly limited supercar (remember, only five examples will be made), it really splits the public in their opinion. It certainly has the high appereance factor but there are some speculations that it is too boxy. We will let you decide (it’s because we like it).


2017 Savage Supercar by Italdesign
2017 Savage Supercar by Italdesign

The Savage Supercar is 4847 millimetres (190.83 inches) long, 1970 millimetres (77.5 inches) wide and only 1204 millimetres (47.4 inches) high. Now, if this was a little less expensive supercar, every buyer could measure their garages to see if it will fit into it. But, five buyers has the garage bigger that the average apartment, we think.


An extraordinary supercar comes with an extraordinary superprice of $1.6 million. This is not the final price, do not be fooled. The price will rise as any of five buyers will choose a customized performance level to equip the Savage Supercar. This is not the car for anyone. The five buyers already knows it will be in their costly garages. Someone asked the author of these lines “when will this car come to sale?” and the author just said: “Five pieces. Five $1.6 Million pieces.” (but we know that every piece will be delivered by the end of this year).

Exclusive press release from
“The world launch of the car signs also a collaboration between Italdesign and Geneva watchmaker Roger Dubuis to create an exclusive eight-piece, proudly Italian collection of the brand’s iconic Excalibur Spider wristwatch”


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