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2020 Chrysler 300

2020 chrysler 300 lights

It is actually hard to predict the existence of 2020 Chrysler 300. Since the model appeared in 2005 for the first time and redesigned in 2011 for the last time, there are so many expectations about this model. It is about time to be changed, but there are rumors that it could be replaced with new modern models. It is not the only reason for replacing the model.

2020 Cadillac CTS V Sedan

2020 cadilac cts lights

Unfortunately, there are high chances that 2020 Cadillac CTS V Sedan actually does not exist anymore. At least the name of it could be changed. According to rumors but also serious claims from the manufacturer, it should be replaced with Cadillac CTS5, which also replaces ATS class of the cars.

2020 Audi A4

2020 audi a4 lights

2020 Audi A4 comes as an almost unchanged model, or at least we expect it after the first photos the manufacturer made on test driving. Since the last year model came literally unchanged, we had no reasons to expect changes this time either. The reason is fully redesigned that the model had a few years ago and obvious plans for a new redesign in years to come.

2020 Isuzu D-Max

2020 isuzu d max lights

2020 Isuzu D-Max comes as a great addition to pick-up class of the vehicles, along with models that were made in the previous three generations. People used to see this vehicle as large but very attractive, but the main failure of the versions before is a smaller size than competitors had.

This time the manufacturer changed it, offering larger and longer truck, with new details on the chassis that make the model even more robust and impressive. The manufacturer has obviously decided to bring something that will be attractive enough for people who love large machines, capable of driving in every circumstance, including off-road challenges.

2020 Dodge Rampage

2020 Dodge Ram front

2020 Dodge Rampage could be the latest version of this model before finally withdrawing from the market that could happen next year. It is hard to remove this model from the market, thus. Known since 80’s when the first model was released, Rampage has always been a symbol of strength, reliability, and massiveness in sporty designed wrapping.

However, it is not that popular this time, when so many new models have been released with much better design and engine options. The model we know this time was released in 2006 as a concept, meaning that it has not been changed for a long time. The only we can expect is that the manufacturer considers releasing special edition as final adieu of the model.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

2020 chevrolet corvette lights

2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is finally here! After decades of planning, redesigning and rumoring, it is finished and prepared to be on the market by the end of the year. It has gone a long way to now. There are rumors about it for a long time, maybe more than 10 years.

However, now we are sure that the model is finished. As a matter of fact, we were able to see how it looks like on spy photos and test driving that the manufacturer has organized a couple of times. As we can see from now, the vehicle will be sporty and attractive and surely modernized in every detail.

2020 Honda Passport

2020 honda passport lights

There are so many reasons to love 2020 Honda Passport, although it is almost the same as its older brother Pilot. The SUV is made to be used for family picknick and daily driving, so the design of the car is more than attractive and luxury. On the other hand, there is a strong and trustworthy engine under the hood, along with the great editions and trim levels that the manufacturer has offered. The model is made to be somewhere between Pilot and CR-V, but with much more useful details and surely comfortable and large cabin.

2020 Alfa Romeo 4C

2020 alfa romeo 4c lights

Although the 2018 model was discontinued last year, the manufacturer has decided to offer 2020 Alfa Romeo 4C as a limited model one more time for faithful buyers. However, the main change that will surely attract new (and special types) buyers are Misano Blue Metallic Paint that will be the only option for this model. This limited version was shown in Chicago Auto Show, representing the only possible color option and great features wrapped in sporty coupe design. There are few similarities with the other models made in this factory, but the design and details are pretty much unique.

2020 Buick Lacrosse

2020 buick lacrosse lights

2020 Buick Lacrosse, although great large and luxury sedan, will not be updated this year. The reason is a major redesign that this model has undergone in 2017 and a slight refresh two years after that. The model we have in front of us is only a continuation of the luxury packed redesigned vehicles four years ago.

2020 Toyota Prado

2020 Toyota Prado

2020 Toyota Prado comes as the following model of the very popular lower version of the famous Land Rover. The manufacturer obviously noticed that buyers love it large SUV, but have no money to afford it, so they made a weaker but also cheaper version for it. And that is Prado, smaller, weaker, but much more affordable for a large class of the buyers. Next year model should come with a few small changes, which do not affect the price and design of the car.