Lynk & Co says its cars will have lifetime warranties

Lynk & Co Geely

The big news announced at the press conference in Shanghai has given a promise about the new Lynk & Co cars. The biggest novelty, practically never seen at the auto market is lifetime warranty for their cars. That is a big step further in shaping a new generation of the buyers and surely great trust made between the buyers and their manufacturer. In case that you have not heard of this manufacturer, it is a new manufacturer at the market, millennial based SUV producers, called Geely. Even you can think that they are new on the market, you would be wrong, the new model they offered at Shanghai car show is actually the third one from the same manufacturer. However, they still have not gone to the US and Europe market, which is planned for 2019.


Lynk & Co Geely
Knowing that Lynk & Co car will be made in the Geely, we expect some similarities with the Volvo, which shares the same platform with this manufacturer. In that case, it will be the same as the Volvo’s 40 series, made in Luqiao in China. As we saw in the photos, these models are mostly made for the younger buyers, with the new technology and obviously designed for that type of the buyers. However, the base models still have the same shape and details as modern cars which we can see on the market nowadays.


Lynk & Co Geely
The cabin of Lynk & Co cars is as comfort and well equipped as we could expect from the manufacturer which aim to reach the younger generation of the buyers. That means that we should expect free connectivity inside of the car, like Internet of Bluetooth connection, with the possible concierge of something similar from the list of the highly modern equipment.


Even though the engine in Lynk & Co cars is not known by now, we can confirm the expectations from the commentators on a motor authority site, which shared their expectations about the 3 or 4 inline engine with a plug-in hybrid option. But, that is still not confirmed.

Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co Geely
It is hard to say when we can expect the new Lynk & Co on the markets. It is interesting that manufacturer has promised that buyers will be able to buy it only in specialized car stores, owned by the company, so that level of exclusivity together with the lifetime warranty will be a very interesting for the future buyers. Do not ask us for the price, but whatever it is, it is low enough for this type of the car.


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