Land Rover teases Range Rover Velar ahead of Geneva debut

After the showing the new Range Rover Velar it will be resolved one of the great mysteries of the new series from Land Rover – new luxury-oriented vehicles with the new design and look. However, the name Velar is not new in this factory at all. Almost a decade ago Land Rover used it for the new model from the factory, but literally forgot it and left to wait for a new occasion. Everything says that this is the occasion which has been waited for a decade. Speaking about the name, Velar comes from the Latin word “veil” meaning “cover”. A new vehicle will be not only a revolution on the Land Rover but in the market of the large and luxury cars in this class.

Range Rover Velar Design

Even though we have been surprised with the design of the Land Rover Velar, the photos we saw a show not many novelties as you might expect. There are many photos of this prototype by now, that we can say that we already know how it will look like. Firstly, do not expect a classic Land Rover. It will have a completely different front end, rounded and shaped like many other modern SUV in the market, but with the interesting front lights (although there were covered in many photos by now), flat and simple grille and two large fog lights below them. Looking from the side it has three lines along the whole door and slightly dented doors.

The rear end is a little wider, with the small but effective addition to the rear bumper in order to make the car sportier and wider. Rear lights are horizontal and incorporated in the well shaped rear end. Experts describe the car somewhere between Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Sport. Although the Land Rover Velar should be making on the base of the Jaguar’s F – Pace, Land Rover Velar is larger and similar to the robust vehicles from the high class, like BMW X6 or Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. As the opposite of them, Velar will be able to achieve the highest demands of the rough-terrain class, according to the large base and big wheels, but with obvious plans to take place in the class of the luxury cars.

We should wait to see if they achieved their main goal to the future and satisfy both types of buyers.


All information about Land Rover Range Rover Velar will be released on Geneva Auto Show in March. That includes also information about the engine solution and other details in term of fuel economy, top speed and interior design.

[Image Source: Motor Autority]


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