J.R. Pines Wins Race On The Back Tires at Lights Out 8

J.R. Pines has show as some serious driving skills at event Lights Out 8. He did with his Ford Mustang something that left all the crowd amazed. JR Pines was competing against Andrew DeMarco who is driving ProCharger equipped Ford Mustang.

In the word of drag racing sometimes we witness performance that is mind boggling in terms of physics. This one here is one of them. There’s not much things that can happen during the drag race that will take your breath away , but what J.R. Pines done during this race definitely will.

While Demarco spins his tires early, JR gets his car hooked up and rolling to the point it pulls a wheelie. In one moment Pines lends down and then he gets back on the gas, making the car really stands up for the second time. It happens, from time to time, that we see wheelie but there aren’t too many that end up looking like this.

Lifting up the front end of your car this high, usually is not the best idea if you planning on winning the race, but when J.R. Pines lifted his front end up he proved to us that it is possible. And not only that he manage to make this race very exciting, he also managed to take home the win.

So take a look at video below to see the spectacular race between two amazing drivers and the amazing Pines driving skills that made him the winner. Thanks for the info to the Speed Society.

J.R. Pines Wins Race On The Back Tires at Lights Out 8


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