Hyundai’s Water Inspired FE Fuel Cell Concept

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Hyundai revealed to the world at 2017 Geneva Motor Show a new hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle with the debut of the FE Fuel Cell concept. This isn’t Hyundai’s first dabble in hydrogen-fueled cars.

Last year, in certain parts of California and a few other markets company offered leases on a zero-emission Tucson Fuel Cell. FE Fuel Cell improves a lot compare to the Tucson Fuel Cell that could only cover a maximum of 265 miles and hit 62 miles per hour in a leisurely 12.5 seconds. Hyundai is planning to launch the production of SUV inspired by the FE Fuel Cell Concept in early 2018.


Just like The Tucson Fuel Cell, the FE Fuel Cell is a crossover but with very different styling compared to any current Hyundai production model. Hyundai replaced the traditional grille for a smooth front fascia, thanks to the fact that fuel cell cars don’t require large radiators. The rest of the body continues that motif, with just some simple surfaces that contrast with the sculpting and heavy lines of many current cars. According to the Hyundai the shape of FE Fuel Cell is supposed to reference the flow of water — the fuel-cell powertrain’s only emission.



Inside the FE Fuel Cell, an internal air humidifier recycles some of those water emissions inside the cabin’s atmosphere. In addition, there are portable battery packs for powering passenger devices.
The FE Fuel Cell trunk is built to stow and charge an electric scooter to help you go that last mile.


FE Fuel Cell Driving Range

What sets FE Fuel Cell apart from other zero-emissions vehicles is its driving range. Hyundai’s Vice Chairman Dr. Woong-Chul Yang sad “We have designed the car to run the longest distance ever achieved by a fuel cell vehicle”. The FE’s hydrogen system is 20 percent lighter and 10 percent more efficient and fuel cell stack is even more power dense than current designs. FE Fuel Cell can cover 800 kilometers (497 miles) on a full tank of hydrogen. That is almost twice the range of a Tucson Fuel Cell. This is especially helpful while fueling stations are still few and far between.


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