Ferrari Engined Toyota GT86 – Everything You Should Know

In the car industry you have the possibility to see every kind of variations, innovations etc. New kind of construction, new solutions, advanced technology proves every time that there is no impossible. Not so long ago, great mind of one great genius, thought-out something giant big thing, that nothing has ever happened anything like it.

Get to the point. It’s about the Toyota GT86 turbo-charged with Ferrari F458 engine. Yes, you heard well. Let’s see this great invention of Ryan Tuerck. Actually, there were cases when the V8 engine were put in the ZN6 chassis, so that’s not really the greatest part of it. In this inventions process there were a few difficulty, but you won’t believe how were they solved. Overall, let’s see the exciting parts of the whole story.

Ferrari Engined Toyota GT86 Design, Specs, Performance

First there were no enough space, because when you have something like 90-degree V8 engine with a dual overhead cam. So the cams are behind the valves and not in the box, that means you have to have enough room. The F458 is designed to deliver 570 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque. The intake runners had to fit under the hood and be capable to run out still this capacity. But they actually modified the body, to fit up with everything. Because of that you get one turbo hell of the drift car.

Beside this one of the problems were also the exhaust manifolds. But they found a solution for this, too. Eric from Ilk Fabrications made a set what included a tight-fitting exhaust manifolds and piping at Huddy.
Another difficulty was around the transmission, so they upgrade Fortin Racing’s 5-speed sequential with a Tilton bellhousing. The suspension is excellent as the chassis as well. Also the Huddy MotorSports stays behind the quality.

In the manwhile they had to rethink about one more thing, it’s the rear-mount radiator system. So Huddy, created a system, using the Mishimoto Circle Track Radiator and its 10-inch fans.
When it comes to the safety package, it is eqipped with a pair of Recaro Profi SPA carbon seats with a set of 6-point Takata Race 6 harnesses. The Profi SPA is actually a fixed back seat, and it has around 12 pounds.
It has en extreme type of wheels, the Fifteen52 Penta 3-piece wheels, what goes absolutely perfect with the cars red paint by 2m Autoworks. These wheels are wrapped with a Hankok Ventus RS3 in 245/40ZR18s front, and 265/40ZR18s rear.

Enjoy the Ferrari Engined Toyota GT86 video:

Beside this, a lot of excellent practical solutions they made up, and if you believe it or not it really does exist, and it is really working. Can you imagine what will be the next genius innovation from them? We cant.

Ferrari Engined Toyota GT86 Price (Video):

[Image Source: Speed Hunters]


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