Dodge Charger VS Toyota Supra

Ever since the movie Fast and Furious came out all fans (Muscle and Import) discuss which car is the better car. Some selected muscles prior to import, while still others are for import. Although we do not know who will win this race (never in the movie, you remember that they did not show us that), we ask you, because we want to finally find out who you rader choose. What car is better for you, and please write us in comment section why are you choosing that particular car. The final Dodge Charger VS Toyota Supra is here!

Dodge Charger VS Toyota Supra

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Please enjoy this great scene:

If you ask yourself, what is my personal opinion, well I will have to give my credit to Dodge in this battle. It is not just because of his strength, but rather I have to say I vote for him because his look, and stile. And the finaly thing I think that I would look like badass in him. 🙂

This is just my opinion, please write yours, we wanna see what is your opinion in this battle. 🙂


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