Angry Guy Throws Rocks At Lamborghini Aventador

The video of angry guy throws rocks at lamborghini aventador will live forever on the internet. Let’s say for a moment that the guy from the video have a point, the city streets are no place to go wild with your car and force it to his full potential, especially if you drive super fast car like the lamborghini aventador.

But aggression is not solution to any problem. If you want to prevent people to turn city streets in to racetracks just call the cops. There is no need for violence. Because this type of actions turns normal traffic incidents into vicious accidents.

In the video the driver of lamborghini aventador was going really fast , but when a man walks into the street appears that his speed was under the 60mph. The lamborghini driver slows down and the man started yelling – “Keep racing! Keep racing!” with a large stone in his hand. In next moment you can see the aventador slowly pass him by and that he trows the rock at car hitting him in the side. And than he hurls for another rock but the driver of lamborghini aventador accelerates preventing another blow.

We don’t see in the video what happens after the car speeds off down the road , but we believe that the driver of this expensive car was angry. Well who would not be. Not much of this brutally powerful cars have been produced since Lamborghini debuted them in 2011, and price for one is about $400,000.

Video Of Angry Guy Throws Rocks At Lamborghini Aventador

This news is first published by Motor Authority.


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