About us

It all started when our freelance journalist Goran Jovanovic has stopped working with his old colegues. Their paths split and he decided to gather his own team of journalists with the same desire and goal he has.
There are numerous false news and rumors all over the internet and big companies or even the manufacturers themselves are serving lies to us. Our task is to double check all the information and to offer you information as precise as we can. We may accidentally make an error in our research but we can guarantee it is not on purpose and that 99% of our information served to you will be true. If we cannot be certain in some information we will inform you without heistating and lies.

If you have doubt in any article you found on our website, feel free to contact us: [email protected]
We will check the information in the article in your behalf and contact you with an answer as soon as possible.

We, the CarsClues.com team, are doing our best to offer you the most updated, the most interesting and sometimes even funny information and news about cars and car manufacturers. We will do our best to attend the major auto shows in the world, to dig for the prices and release dates of the newest models.

Goran (Commander in Chief):

Goran has been a freelance journalist in the automotive industry for the past three years. He used to work for others and has worked on many projects. The reason why he decided to stop working for others is because news company did not want him to write the truth. They would make him rewrite his articles, which is why he decided to start his own internet news portal in the car industry. Together with his team, Goran is now writing the news as they are, presenting the cold and harsh truth without any censorship or scams.
He is a test driver, and he knows how to look for all the details which inexperienced drivers do not see at first. His quest is to find one car that will be “the right one” when he drives it for the first time.
Contact Info:[email protected]

Boris Freelance Autor:

For the past five years Boris has been a Civil engineer but passion for cars has been there from the moment he first sat in the car. Boris has decided to turn his passion for cars into a career and he is now a freelance journalist. His aim is to write the real truth and he pays attention to every detail on the car; not how car manufacturers or false news tend to present it. He is one of those people who do not believe the Internet rumors, and any information that he gives will be thoroughly checked.
Contact Info: [email protected]

Nina Freelance Autor:

My name is Nina, and I am a medical student with a deep passion for cars. I will write car reviews and keep you updated on new car releases and the latest developments in the automotive industry.
Contact Info:[email protected]

David Freelance PHP Programer, and Autor

Although he does not recognize that he is lazy, swears that he loves cars. He has great talent in PHP programing. He is one who will find the shortest, and fastes way to do something.
Contact info: [email protected]

Dragana Freelance Autor:

It is not easy to be a woman writer who writes about cars. Being a language teacher who writes about cars is even tougher. However, after three years of writing about cars, fell in love with cars and I became a highly skilled writer passionately dedicated to writing about both luxury and sophistication in cars besides their speed and engine strength. Writing for this site is approbation of my quality and talent so I am honored to be part of this team.

Contact info: [email protected]

Ivana Freelance Autor:

Since I’ve always been a Daddy’s little girl (I said girl, not a princess), he’s had a great influence on my interests and free time. So after my two greatest passions – languages and traveling, it seems that cars have successfully been in the third place. I’ve been working as an English teacher for five years now and yes, that includes a lot of writing, but honestly I’ve never imagined a job like this. Love it! J I hope you’ll enjoy my reviews and find most of the information you’ve been looking for.

Contact info: [email protected]