2021 Toyota Prius


The 2021 Toyota Prius is a model that comes as not much changed, waiting for the next year and full redesign. According to the manufacturer, it should have few adaptations to the next generations of hybrid cars. Still, we know that Prius will always be a synonym for a small, cheap, and economical hybrid vehicle.

  • The model has excellent details in the design.
  • The cabin is impressively large and comfortable.
  • The system is still simple.
  • The cabin looks a little poor.



There are no many changes in design or attractiveness when it comes to the 2021 Toyota Prius. However, it is a tremendous small hatchback for city driving and similar purposes. The manufacturer has made A limited edition for 2020, adding many novelties in design and new colors. This time they upgraded that offer and changed parts that are not practical.

When it comes to the bumpers, they have not changed it a lot, so this time you can see a thin and cute front bumper with the trapezoidal grille. The rear end is more attractive and aggressive with new taillights and the bottom of the bumper.


2021 Toyota Prius Interior

Although the interior of the 2021 Toyota Prius could look a little poor for the class, it is only a first impression because of the plastic materials that the manufacturer used to decrease the price. However, it is not a flawed model at all. The cabin is very comfortable, even for the small cars, while trim versions could come with leather on the seats and modern and beautiful chromatic lines.

When it comes to the infotainment system, it is slightly upgraded from the last year’s model, with a 7.0-inch touchscreen and excellent infotainment system. It has a fantastic large leg-room for the rear row and impressive cargo space for every type of load when it comes to comfort.

For enjoying in the driving, you can have cupholders in the rear seats, pull-down center armrest, but also radio, CD player, Bluetooth, and USB connection and phone connection, too. High and Limited trims come with a large touchscreen and many more additions.

2021 Toyota Prius Engine


If you know for this car from the past, you know that we should not expect short acceleration time or impressive performances. 2021 Toyota Prius will not change it either. However, the significant advantage of this model is its economy and excellent efficiency. An electric engine that comes with the hybrid engine, but works separately, maybe the best combination for city driving.

According to official information, you can expect 58 mpg in the city and 53 highway. Unfortunately, Corolla Hybrid has the same fuel economy, but you can get it for a more favorable price. If you need something that drives better, you should consider Honda Insight. We are not used to seeing an excellent braking system on hybrid vehicles, but it seems that the manufacturer has invested in this part immensely.

You will be able to see a great combination of regenerative and friction braking system and low-rolling-resistance tires. However, it is not far away from the typical small vehicle, even for those not made with hybrid technology.

2021 Toyota Prius Release Date and Price

This model has always been known to low price and great performances. We expect the same from 2021 Toyota Prius, a great new model for the next generation. The base model should cost around $25,000, and the top price is $10,000 higher.


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