2021 Toyota Hilux

2021 Toyota Hilux

2021 Toyota Hilux should be one of those models that come to support the class of small but practical models, but still has a great design and useful cabin for daily usage. The engine that they have placed instead of two models before should be economical but strong enough to support all types of usage. Finally, the price is average, so the model is attractive to every buyer.

  • The model is smoothly driven without chocks in the cabin.
  • There is a practical and economic engine.
  • An electric motor could support the engine.
  • There are not impressive additions in technology.


2021 Toyota Hilux Exterior

Being one of the most attractive competitors to the models like Ford Ranger and Nissan Navara, 2021 Toyota Hilux must not be simple and without impressive details. The manufacturer has not significantly changed it in design, so it still has recognizable parts on the exterior look. You will see the new grille and front bumper, this time a little bigger and broader, with the unique shape of the front lights. They could be made in LED technology by the client’s demands.

The base model has 18-inch alloy wheels, which increase the height of the model, making it impressively large and practical. Changes follow changes in design in mechanic, mostly made to be used in off-road driving and on rough terrains. Thanks to the new suspension, you could drive it on any road smoothly and very gently. Do not forget that this model won the Dakar Rally in 2019 for a reason.


2021 Toyota Hilux Interior

There are few exciting changes inside of 2021 Toyota Hilux worth mentioning. It has a new 8.0-inch touchscreen that controls a new infotainment system and a whole center cluster. Not only that, they have improved the infotainment system, but they have changed the graphic, offering more significant and more visible icons on it. They have added a phone connection and a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

Among the other technology, we should mention things like air conditioning, sat-nav, and front and rear parking sensors. With even three body types and four trim levels, you will be able to choose between single, extra and double cab, leather on the seats, improved technology, and significant improvements in design. Towing capacity is still among the best in class, with 3.5 tones. There are great additions to the individual buyers as well as for business usage.

2021 Toyota Hilux Engine


There will be only one engine in offer in 2021 Toyota Hilux. The manufacturer has decided to include only the 2.4-liter diesel engine instead of the previous model’s two. Its 148 horsepower could be a little weak for the class, especially if the competitor’s Volkswagen Amarok has 3.0-liter V6 diesel with a bit of higher strength.

Still, the manufacturer wanted to go on a thinner but economical version. To remember, last year’s model had a 2.8-liter diesel version and 2.4-liter petrol one, but more durable than currently used option. The engine should be paired with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.

However, do not look only at the strength. This model has much smoother riding, better driving control, and a more comfortable drive thanks to the returned shock absorbers.

2021 Toyota Hilux Release Date and Price

The price of 2021 Toyota Hilux will not differ from last year’s model, and it is in the same price range as competitors. The model should cost around $27,000 but prepare for a little higher price in case you want to order a bit more in design or technology. The final version will be on the market very soon.


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