2021 Toyota Harrier Hybrid

2021 Toyota Harrier Hybrid

2021 Toyota Harrier Hybrid is one of those models that manufacturers make to look like the models in the class, but with recognizable differences. The model should be offered only in Japan, with similarities with the Venza that US buyers get. When it comes to the changes, they are in engine strength and type, and there are significant changes in the cabin of the model.

  • The model has significant changes in the design of the cabin and exterior.
  • There is a great new hybrid engine under the hood.
  • There are great changes in design that make the model bigger.
  • The engine is practical and stronger.


2021 Toyota Harrier Hybrid Exterior

At first glance, 2021 Toyota Harrier Hybrid is much more aggressive and muscular than before, with a larger grille, smoother lines, and new larger lights. Thanks to the vertically placed vents provide the shape of the aggressiveness and have rounded edges.

The whole model looks a little lower, and with the more comprehensive front bumper, it looks a bit more muscular. The silver accents on the bottom of the front end provide the sportier character of the car. The rear end has a thin and sharp light bumper and wholly new and innovative rear lights. The manufacturer has included more colors this time, so you will be able to choose new versions this time.


2021 Toyota Harrier Hybrid Interior

We could say that interior in 2021 Toyota Harrier Hybrid is much more elegant than before with a little bigger space inside and new technology even in the standard model. This time, the new instrument panel has a larger 12.3-inch touchscreen, smartphone connectivity, nine-speaker sound system, and a completely new navigation system.

There is a large panoramic roof and a great parking assistance program. When it comes to the design, it is much more attractive, elegant and includes new colors and ascents. The model has a basic version with synthetic leather that is still very interesting and modern, while higher trims include leather in different colors.

2021 Toyota Harrier Hybrid Engine

2021 Toyota Harrier Hybrid Engine

The manufacturer has not made too many changes in 2021 Toyota Harrier Hybrid from the other models in the class. The care is built on the same TNGA platform, like Toyota Sienna or Toyota RAV4, with both reliable and economical hybrid engines. It includes a powerful 2.5-liter petrol engine combined with the electric motor, the combination that they have already used on Toyota Camry.

This engine has a strength of 178 horsepower, and it should be more potent than a familiar 2.0-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine in the classic model. Both engines use the same electric CVT transmission. It is not the only amazing with this model, though. It includes an excellent combination of the rigid body and well-balanced chassis. With the low center of gravity and durable and extended front end, the model offers superior strength and speed but with needed control in driving.

There is outstanding supportive technology, too. The new model includes pedestrian control, front-facing camera, parking camera, and Sonar with Parking Support Brakes. The best part is that a hybrid engine could become a power generator and used instead of a standard power outlet with 1,500 watts.

2021 Toyota Harrier Hybrid Release Date and Price

The manufacturer has made the 2021 Toyota Harrier Hybrid more attractive and very modern, with the price that is close to the old model’s price. It should cost around $35,000, but do not forget that it will only offer the model to the Japanese market. Other markets will have only versions of this vehicle with small changes.


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