2021 Toyota GT-86

2021 Toyota GT-86

We have waited for 2021 Toyota GT-86 for a long time. The manufacturer has changed his mind a few times, from rejecting the idea to have one car like this, to the making combination of two beautiful and fast sports cars. Now, we can see it and enjoy its outstanding performances.

  • The model is fully redesigned to be an attractive sporty car.
  • There is a great new engine in offer.
  • The cabin is too simple for the class.
  • The price is not known yet.


2021 Toyota GT-86 Exterior

Since 2021 Toyota GT-86 shares the platform with the Subaru BRZ, we had reasons to believe that they will use the best from both sides. It means that Toyota will undoubtedly use its much better and better used TNGA platform than Subaru’s. The primary reason is the optional rear-wheel driving system that is possible to use only on Toyota’s media. When it comes to the design, it will be subordinated to speed.

We expect that it will have a sharp and thin front end, with a recognizable mesh grille and modern and attractive lights. However, the rear end is truly sport-like with a spoiler on the trunk door and great additions on the rear bumper. The best of all, the manufacturer has used lightweight materials to provide speed and better stability at higher rates.


2021 Toyota GT-86 Interior

We are not sure how the cabin inside of 2021 Toyota GT-86 will look like. It is for sure that they will not go far away from the well-known and accepted design. We expect to complete enough space for driver and passenger, but do not expect too much from the car that should be sporty. They will upgrade technology as always and indeed change the design a little. The best of all, they will use much better and more luxurious materials so that cabin will be as elegant as functional.

2021 Toyota GT-86 Engine

2021 Toyota GT-86 Engine

Although there were rumors that 2021 Toyota GT-86 comes as a turbocharged model, it is not valid. The manufacturer decided to offer a petrol model, strong and powerful, but still not much different from the models that both models had before. Since Toyota has borrowed the platform to the Supra, it will answer with the engine.

So, new GT-86 should have a 2.4-liter flat-four petrol engine with 255 horsepower. The manufacturer has not specified torque, but it will be at least 50 pound-feet more than the current model has. It means at least 200 pound-feet of torque. The named engine manufacturer has already used in Subaru Ascent. Unfortunately, the engine is not that strong and trustworthy as we have expected.

According to test driving, it needed 7.6 seconds to accelerate the speed of 60 mph, which is much lower than the Porsche Cayman has. We hope that at least automatic transmission will show better results, but, to be honest, it will not be much better than 1.5 seconds faster.

2021 Toyota GT-86 Release Date and Price

It is for sure that 2021 Toyota GT-86 will have its buyers and fans, so we are confident that they will not change opinion after the first test driving. The manufacturer has planned to offer a new hypercar, which should have a code name GR. In that way, they will make the model closer to GR Supra and GR Yaris. This model will be able to produce more than 1,000 pound-feet of torque.


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