2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible

2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible

2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible brings one of the greatest change – a new engine. Introduced back in 2018, the new engine could support both Supra and GT-86, those two siblings that actually was born at the same time. When both were introduced in 2013, nobody could know how popular those two cars will be.

One known to its largeness and attractiveness, the other sportier and futuristic, both cars have been a synonym for the speed and great driving performances. However, manufacturers had to change their habits and offer new machines and models. This time we will see the engine that supports the speed of these cars.

  • The model has a new engine that is stronger and faster.
  • There are changes in design.
  • There are no visible changes in the cabin.
  • The model looks too much on other models in the class.


2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible review

Although we have great expectations from 2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertable, the overall look and design have not been changed that much. The manufacturer obviously wanted to retain the popularity of the sporty car that is not that common on the market nowadays.

Again, the similarities within this car and Subaru is visible in many spots, including the front end rear end with new lights on both sides. However, the model should follow markets demands, so there is sharp front end, for aerodynamics and short rear end with a spoiler on the trunk door for better handling and driving. The car has an attractive shape of the doors, too.


2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible interior

As we expected, the cabin inside of 2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible is designed in a sporty manner. It includes sporty seats, wrapped in white leather and additions on the door and between seats for comfort in driving. The dashboard looks luxury and attractive, offering commands that are important and needed for sporty cars. However, it is important to mention that materials are above the average and the manufacturer has made it even more futuristic than before.


We all know that current GT-86 has an impressive 2.0-liter flat-four petrol engine. It produces 200 horsepower but only 151 pound-feet of torque. Current engineers and owners were not satisfied with these numbers, so they have made much stronger engine for the future model. The only resolution is the turbocharged engine and they have made the one.

The new engine that will be placed under the hood of 2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible is the 2.4-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine. It is not a completely new model, the manufacturer has already used in Toyota Ascent crossover. Its amazing 260 horsepower along with 277 pound-feet of torque promises great adventures and driving performances.

Thanks to the lower center of gravity, it will be much easier for driving and handling.

2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible rear

2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible Release Date and Price

2021 Toyota GT-86 Convertible was announced two years ago and still has not finished. However, the manufacturer has promised that we will be able to see what they have changed thanks to the official information and photos.

The main change, however, is surely the engine, so expect that the model will be more than interesting for fast driving fans. Both models were on auto shows in Geneva, Detroit and Los Angeles, so we expect they will start with the new life next year. The estimated price for this car should be around $25,000.


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