2021 Tesla Cybertruck

2021 Tesla Cybertruck

2021 Tesla Cybertruck has made a breakthrough and attracted attention that has not been seen for a long time. It is an entirely new, fully electric truck, but that is not the most important about this model. You will see it as entirely different in design, with even three options in engines.

  • The model has a modernly designed cabin with futuristic details.
  • There are three engines as options.
  • The design of the vehicle could seem a little ugly for some types of buyers.
  • The price is higher than the competitions have.


2021 Tesla Cybertruck Exterior

When the design of 2021 Tesla Cybertruck is about, there are no neutral opinions. People like it or not. It looks a little rough and ugly at first glance. The reason is the unexpected shape of the car.On the other hand, it is a unique and attractive model for futuristic buyers.

Inevitably comes as the opposite of models that have become to look like to each other. Among them are Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado. The front end is concise, with one plate instead of the hood that continues on the windshield without any corner or border.

Instead of classic front lights, there is an LED line, like on the rear end, too. You will see the flat side of the car, with one curve in the middle. Windows have no B-pillar, so they look like a flat table of glass. The manufacturer has used the best materials, like cold-rolled steel and highly protected glass.


2021 Tesla Cybertruck Interior

The cabin in 2021 Tesla Cybertruck is much better designed than the rest of the car. It looks more than on Tesla models, meaning futuristic, modern, and very attractive. The space between the rows is more extensive than on classic models.

And comfort is provided by the unique shape of the seats and very quality materials. Although seats look small and uncomfortable, the cabin is perfect for six adult persons. It is for sure that they will offer more than one design of the cabin, with different shape of the dashboard and A/C vents, accordingly to the trim version.

2021 Tesla Cybertruck Engine

2021 Tesla Cybertruck Engine

It is for sure that 2021 Tesla Cybertruck comes in three free versions. Each of them has a different number of drivers. The base model should come with 400 horsepower of strength and 6.5 seconds of increasing time. The second option is the classic dual-motor engine with a power of 690 horsepower and increasing time of 4.5 seconds.

The final option, a three-motor version, has an incredible 800 horsepower and time for achieving the speed of 60 mph of only 2.9 seconds. The towing capacity of this engine should be 14,000 pounds. The design and technology that stands behind these three engines are the same as on Tesla models but increased in speed and performances for trucks.

2021 Tesla Cybertruck Release Date and Price

Although the manufacturer has promised “potential savings” when 2021 Tesla Cybertruck is about, we cannot talk about these prices at this moment. The savings of almost-ten thousand per unit admittedly sounds excellent, but it will be hard to achieve that price when buying a new car. It is much better to say how much the model will cost with full equipment, and savings and features come later.

So, the base model, with one engine, should cost $47,000, which is for $7,000 higher than for Ford F-150. Options with two and three engines should cost even more. The dual-motor version could reach the price of $57,000, and the highest price will be offered for the three-engine model – $77,000.


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