2021 McLaren P15

2021 McLaren P15

2021 McLaren P15 will be sold under the nickname “Senna” and not by accident. It is the supercar entirely made in memory of this driver and the great success he had in his career.

Maybe because of that, the car is not only fast but also interestingly designed and completely different from the models made before in this class. Time will say, but it should be much quicker and more attractive than younger brother McLaren P1.

  • The model is entirely different in design from any other supercar on the market.
  • There is an amazingly strong engine.
  • The model is not planned for commercial production


2021 McLaren P15 Exterior

Not only that, 2021 McLaren P15 represents the future of the sporty cars, its design should seriously tease the competition. The most critical and visible change at first glance is a much lower position in the car than before. According to experts, the suspension is for 50 mm lower than before, dropping the car for even 40%.

The manufacturer has also made a breakthrough with the glass panels on the doors. Something similar has tried BMW I3, but there had not predicted high interest for that type of design, so dropped it when prototype went in production.

On the other hand, in P15, you will see the road how flies away. The impressive front end has an aggressive look, thanks to the thin and narrowed lights. The rear end, on the other hand, has an extensive and highly positioned spoiler that surely keeps the car on the road.

Although Toyota FT1 has a similar shape of the rear end, this is way more attractive and sportier. The vehicle is not to be driven in the city, though. It is truly a race car.


2021 McLaren P15 Interior

The cabin in 2021 McLaren P15 is equally sporty and modern as the outside design. For new buyers sounds fantastic to see the small but practical and very comfortable cabin that is made for enjoying fast driving mostly. To bring the fresh design in almost boring sporty class.

The manufacturer has placed rotary controlling functions on the roof, adding necessary electric devices for safety and enjoyment. You will also see familiar things like Power and Handling rotary dials and vertical screen in the middle of the dashboard.

2021 McLaren P15 Engine

2021 McLaren P15 Engine

It is pointless to say that 2021 McLaren P15 beats the competition with the driver. For future buyers, it is good to know that it will have a classic petrol engine with any clue about electric assistance. In some way, it is a tribute to traditional supercars with gas engines. The model that the manufacturer used here is a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 model with ruthless 789 horsepower and 903 pound-feet of torque.

Although the strength looks like on P1, do not forget that P15 has only 2641 pounds of weight. It means for 434 pounds less than P1’s weight. Mostly thanks to the carbon that is used for front fenders instead of for 3.6 pounds heavier aluminum. Unfortunately, we should wait for the next year to see how fast this engine is and increasing time for 60 mph.

2021 McLaren P15 Release Date and Price

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has made only 500 units of 2021 McLaren P15 and sold them immediately. So, if you have liked it, you cannot buy it in regular saloons. On the other hand, the fact that money earned on that way went to the Sienna’s fond. It seems that $200,000 has not rejected fans from buying this fantastic car.


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