2021 Lincoln Continental


For faithful buyers and fans, 2021 Lincoln Continental comes as a little surprise. The manufacturer has announced before that 2018 model will be the last in this series. There were a lot of reasons for that. It is a large and not quite economical car, with traditional design and robust chassis.

The only it had was a large cabin, comfortable seats, and great details on the dashboard. The engine was never so exciting, and let be honest; it is not easy to move this size of the car. However, they will offer a new model again, with significant additions and changes in design and possible changes in the cabin.

  • There is an excellent design of the car that looks massive and attractive.
  • The model has excellent new engines.
  • The car is hefty, massive, and robust.
  • No matter how strong the engine is, it cannot be valid and economical.


2021 Lincoln Continental Exterior

2021 Lincoln Continental should beat the hardest competition, like Cadillac CTX or Audi A8, mostly thanks to the largeness, luxuries, and great details. If we mention well-known Coach Door Edition, with classic doors that open from the front side, the impression is complete.

Almost the best in this car is massiveness, which mostly shows from the front end. Thanks to the vast and enormous gridded grille and squared large LED lights, this car is among the best in class. On the other hand, the model should compete with modern sedans in attractiveness and simplicity. They will not change it in the future.


2021 Lincoln Continental Interior

Everybody likes cars large and comfortable as 2021 Lincoln Continental. It is the reason why this model has been so long prevalent among the higher class of buyers. This time they have not changed the design of the cabin that much, offering only important technology for smooth and comfortable driving and equipment that makes the driving in this car enjoyable. We are sure that things like good air conditioning and adjustable function of the seats are offered this time, too.



It is hard to move the car like 2021 Lincoln continental, so the engine there must be as strong and massive as well economic. According to rumors and information we have, it should be a simple but effective solution. It is for sure that they will not drop the currently used 3.0-liter V6 turbo engine with 400 horsepower and much higher pound-feet of torque.

Another two, a 2.7-liter V6 and 3.7-liter V6 engines are attractive and exciting, but not that much attractive as the model above. With six or eight-speed automatic transmission, they could produce high speed and torque. However, the manufacturer’s expectations are more in comfort, smooth-riding, and pleasant drive.

2021 Lincoln Continental Release Date and Price

It is hard to predict the final price of the 2021 Lincoln Continental, but fans could relax for a while. They do not expect that the price will change a lot from last year’s model. It means that the basic model should cost around $47,000, with a small increase in price for better equipment.

The manufacturer will make a model in their plant Flat Rock Assembly, home of Ford Mustang. However, it will not be the only change in this range. As part of their 16 EVs for the future, they will electrify F-150 and made a completely new electric crossover. All planned for 2023 or 2024 year.


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