2021 Honda HR-V

2021 Honda HR-V

2021 Honda HR-V is finally redesigned! Since this version was released in 2014, and the version before in 2006, we have expected that this could happen this year. According to the manufacturer, changes will not affect the only design, but also cabin equipment and details in appearance. The only that could be the same in this version is the engine.

If something does not happen during this year, it could retain the same engine as before, with any change at all. The only we know so far is that the manufacturer has few options in sleeves, but nothing particularly confirmed.

  • The model should be redesigned and sportier.
  • The cabin should be more luxury and comfortable.
  • There are no clues about changes in the engine.
  • The model runs on the same platform and design.


2021 Honda HR-V Exterior

The model should not be made in a different platform than models before. However, it does not mean that 2021 Honda HR-V will look like before. The manufacturer had time to change it a lot, mostly in design, but there could be few changes in dimensions, too.

Do not forget that this model has always been a soft version of the crossover, which almost does not look like the large vehicle with three-row seats inside, which gave him a touch of luxury and looking of everyday driving car. The manufacturer will surely not change that model, adding only details that will make it sportier and nothing more.


2021 Honda HR-V Interior

The photos that we have seen so far have not said much about the changes in the cabin of 2021 Honda HR-V. It is expected that it will again be able to carry seven passengers, that design will be above the average in elegance, putting the model closer to the Volvo XC-60.

You will see the wide dashboard, with an elegant chromatic line across it and a great combination of the dark brown and black. However, it is for sure that the manufacturer will not change the safety program as well as comfort from the well-known models in the past, so count on that in the new model, too.


2021 Honda HR-V Engine

There should not be changed in the engine from the current model, so there are high chances that 2021 Honda HR-V have the same engines as before, or at least one of the options will include the same engines. It should be a 1.6-liter diesel model with 118 horsepower and a 1,5-liter petrol engine that produces 130 horsepower.

Even the design of the new model that is not particularly changed proves that it could have the same engines and speed. The petrol engine has shown 28/35 mpg fuel economy, which is great for this size of the vehicle and the class. You will see that main competitor, Land Rover Discovery Sport has much lower numbers. Even the transmission is not known by now, so we had to satisfy with the information that the last model had six-speed automatic one.

2021 Honda HR-V Release Date and Price

Although 2021 Honda HR-V came as a redesigned model, it had no changes in the price from the last model. So, expect that the future version will cost around $20,000 as before, with optional increasing in price if buyer order something from the high trims. Unfortunately, we have no more information about this vehicle so far, so expect updating during this year.


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