2021 Honda Civic

2021 Honda Civic

2021 Honda Civic comes as a slightly redesigned model, with few novelties, but unchanged this time. Although it looks a little old fashioned in some parts, there are always people who love to buy this type of car.

  • The model is modern and attractive with a redesigned front end.
  • There are great engines in offer.
  • The model has not changed design for a long time.
  • There could be a significant increase in price with additional equipment.



There are no significant changes in the design of the 2021 Honda Civic, but most of them that we were seen are worthy of mentioning. There is the same athletic shape of the front end and fender, with the more extensive air intake on the bottom. It should touch the ground, providing air cooling and cleaning from the dirt.

On the sides of it stands rounded fog lights, almost invisible thanks to the grand design of the bumper. The front end has the same recognizable V-shape with a lot of chromatic details. The rear end looks the same as before, this time upgraded with new lights and slightly changed shape and curves. However, the model has not gone much from the classic and original design.


2021 Honda Civic Interior

It is expected that the manufacturer will significantly change the design of the cabin in the 2021 Honda Civic. It is for sure that they will change the design of buttons and commands, along with the shape of the dashboard. However, it should still be the same simple and not-much-attractive cabin, but attractive to old sedan-buyers.

Seats are designed the same as before, with significant additions for driver’s and passengers’ enjoyment. Honda has always invested in comfort, so expect the same this time, too. The dashboard has new air vents shapes and buttons.

When it comes to technology, there are great things in the cabin. You will see an 8-inch liquid crystal display with numerous new controlling functions. Thanks to the few new features, you will be able to have helpers in driving, parking, and controlling. The manufacturer also upgraded technology and air condition.

2021 Honda Civic Engine

2021 Honda Civic Engine

Although we expect a lot of different possible engine options in 2021 Honda Civic, few will manufacturer use for sure. The most likely, they will not drop an idea to use functional and viral 2.0-liter four-inline tube petrol engines like before. It has 158 horsepower, but the most important, buyers love its sound and rumbling that recalls on best sporty cars on the market.

The other option is also a powerful 1.5-liter turbocharged option with 174 horsepower. Both engines come paired with six-speed manual transmission. Old buyers have complained about manual transmission, claiming that Honda is among the last models that have this transmission as the only option in their sedans.

Do not forget that more popular Toyota Corolla had automatic transmission a long time ago. Maybe that is the reason why the manufacturer considers using CVT transmission, at least in some trim versions. It is not wrong to mention Civic Type R as one of those trims, with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-inline model with 306 horsepower. The standard model has 32/42/35 mpg fuel consumption city/road/mixed.

2021 Honda Civic Release Date and Price

2021 Honda Civic should be on the market later next year. The price starts at $20,000, which is more than acceptable for the model like this. However, the model with full equipment should cost $35,000. When it comes to the changes in design, we do not expect much of them in years to come. It will surely be a model for special types of buyers and fans.


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