2021 Dodge Rampage

2021 Dodge Rampage

2021 Dodge Rampage should try to be competitive in the class that is not easy to beat up nowadays. Being an impressive part of the large truck class, it must offer numerous novelties if they want to compete with the best on the list. Rampage, though, is not far behind the best. It is large, beautiful, economical, and comfortable. You can use it for both daily drivings with the family and heavy load transport. When it comes to the price, it is more than acceptable for the class.

  • The model is beautiful and modern.
  • There is an excellent comfortable cabin inside.
  • There is only one engine in offer.
  • The model has not been redesigned for a long time.


2021 Dodge Rampage Exterior

2021 Dodge Rampage will not significantly change the design in the next few years. It is well-known as a heavy and substantial robust vehicle, but with great elegant lines and edges, to support elegance in design. However, you will see a recognizable four-part front grille, along with large LED front lights.

It is for sure that they will not do experiments with the rear end. On large trucks, it is the most crucial part, so expect the same details this time. The only they could change is taillights and only in shape. There are impressive metal ascents along with great information in aluminum, too. The vehicle should drive on 22-inch tires, to support the largeness of the car.

The manufacturer has made an exciting and convenient entrance, which saves space and allows secure access. You will see that the model has its buyers even in a highly competitive class that gathers the most popular models in class like Toyota Tacoma or Ford F-150.


2021 Dodge Rampage Interior

It is not a common feature of large trucks, but the cabin in 2021 Dodge Rampage is very comfortable and enjoyable, with the impressively designed interior. Even though the dashboard looks a little old-fashioned and weak, made of plastic, it is decorated with chromatic details and modernly designed buttons.

It is for sure that they planned to offer more than one option so that you can expect better and more attractive materials in higher trims. When it comes to technology, there are great things, like Wi-Fi access, USB connection, modern infotainment system, and many other things.

2021 Dodge Rampage Engine

2021 Dodge Rampage Engine

We always expect that engine in models like 2021 Dodge Rampage is strong and powerful, so there should not be surprises this time. It should have only one model in the offer, a powerful and trustworthy 5.7-liter V8 engine made in Chrysler, with amazing 345 horsepower.

It is for sure that the model is top quality and has excellent performances. When it comes to fuel consumption, it should be around 15-18 mpg, maybe a little thanks to the five-speed transmission. However, although nobody had confirmed yet, we expect that they could produce a diesel engine, as well as a hybrid model.

Not only that it is in demand on the car market nowadays, but also help in achieving better fuel economy. If they do not offer it with this model, we expect that it will be in the future in the offer.

2021 Dodge Rampage Release Date and Price

With the price of $30,000, 2021 Dodge Rampage should be highly competitive in class. Even the higher trims should not cost much higher than the basic model, so it will not go over $40,000 with all equipment. The final version should be on the market before summer.


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