2021 Buick Grand National

2021 buick grand national lights

2021 Buick Grand National should bring of those changes that new class of these models has undergone for the years to come. As far as we know, the main change could be in term of technology, and possible engine strength and type, while the design of the car and cabin should not be much different. On the other hand, do not forget that this will be a return of the model that has been withdrawn from the market during the ’80s, so there are high expectations about the model.

  • The model should be more than attractive and modern for the class.
  • There could be two strong engines under the hood as optional.
  • The cabin is not finished yet.
  • There is no clear confirmation that the model will be on the market so far.


2021 Buick Grand National front

Being a muscle car, but in the elegantly designed luxury car class, 2021 Buick Grand National could be one of those greatly designed large and strong cars with very attractive and elegant details. However, we were able to see similarities with the Chevrolet Camaro in details, mostly in the wideness of the front end.

The rear end should not be that much wide and aggressive, so we expect that it could be more like on Ford Mustang. We also have not got information about which platform will be used for the model, so as we concerned, it could be something that is already use in cars in this factory.


2021 Buick Grand National interior

There are so many questions about the 2021 Buick Grand National, and possible changes in the cabin are surely one of the most asked. The reason is so many changes in cabins devices and design in other models in class, so we expect that the manufacturer will surely change it a little for the next season. However, they have not said much about that. We expect that changes will be more in the vision of the driver and position that the seats take during the driving, while other information is not known yet.


2021 Buick Grand National side

It is still not confirmed which engine could be seen under the hood of 2021 Buick Grand National, but we are sure that the manufacturer will not go much further from models in the class. There are high chances that they will offer something like 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 250 horsepower of strength, at least in the base model. However, if you are not sure in this, we always can expect something stronger, like 3.5-liter V6.

It is much lighter than Dodge Challenger’s 5.7-liter, we know, but the manufacturer promises 400 horsepower of strength, for 50 horses more than Challenger’s 375 as official. We are not sure what will be offered in term of transmission, as well as other performances that we could expect.

2021 Buick Grand National Release Date and Price

Although the manufacturer has not said much about the date when 2021 Buick Grand National will be released, we expect that existing of the model is a reality. Not only that they have prepared significant changes in the class, but Buick also has released a few interesting changes in current models.

That is why the new design of the National is more than expected for the years to come. The price should not be significantly changed from the models in the class, meaning price in the range from $34,000 to $43,000. Other information will be known later.


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