2020 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak

2020 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak

2020 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak is one of the great additions for the new class of the cars that VW made to follow the competition. It is pickup truck luxury enough to be used in family traveling and strong and large for a heavy load.

  • The design of the model is much more attractive and elegant than on other models in class.
  • The model is a great addition to family heavy-load trucks.
  • The cabin is a little tight.
  • The engine could be a supporter with more options.


2020 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak models

Making 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak for 15.8-inch longer than before and for 11 inches longer than Atlas crossover the manufacturer got large midsize pickup truck according to US standards. It means that the model could be a great helper for the people who need a heavy-load pickup truck that could be used for a family traveling on weekend. In every other part, the vehicle is like Atlas and Atlas crossover, including front-end and details. However, the model could recall on Chevrolet Colorado, with the same usage and utility. It looks much less robust and more compact and softer than Toyota Tacoma or Ford F-150, even though it belongs to the same class.


2020 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak interior

The cabin that will carry 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak is surprisingly small for the enlarged car. It is a five-seat cabin in two rows of the seats. However, there is larger cargo space and additions that help in carrying canoes and large bags. On the other hand, the space between seats and in front of the front row is wide, providing comfort in driving. The design is exactly the same as on crossover version, wrapped in leather, so the model belongs to the luxury family vehicles class.


The engine in 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak is actually the same as on other models from this line. It is a 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine that produces 265 horsepower of strength and 266 pound-feet of torque. The engine is matched with the eight-speed automatic transmission. There are no novelties in this field for now, but a hybrid version of the engine is planned to be placed in some of the future versions.
2020 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak rear

2020 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Release Date and Price

2020 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak starts the life in the middle of the next year. The price is not known yet, but it will surely be higher than $30,000 which was the starting price for Atlas crossover. However, this is only the beginning of the new era of VW family cars and crossovers. Since the Atlas has been described as a three-row family car, it was just question of time when a longer version of the two-row variant will show up. Along with those two, there will be released VW Atlas Sport as a sportier version of crossover. Finally, there is an electric crossover with a hybrid engine in VW plans for the years to come. According to that, we will have plenty of vehicles for shopping.


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