2020 Toyota Highlander

2020 Toyota Highlander

It is for sure that 2020 Toyota Highlander comes as a redesigned model. Since the first model was released in 2011 and the last update happened in 2014, there are many reasons for the manufacturer to change it. However, we guessed what could be changed in that new model.

  • The model is large and functional.
  • The cabin is great for family travel.
  • There is no hybrid engine, at least not so far.
  • The model has a high price for the class.


2020 Toyota Highlander side

2020 Toyota Highlander retains the same design as before, and the size of the three-row mid-size crossover SUV has not been significantly changed. However, there is the same shape of the front end, even though we expect changes in the design of the grille, and upgraded LED front lights. The rear end could be more rounded, to be closer to the competitors, like Ford Explorer and Honda Pilot.


2020 Toyota Highlander interior

Even though the cabin is very functional and comfortable, the design of it is even better than on many classic sedans. The manufacturer has used the best in technology in this car, too. There is leather on the seats, dashboard and steering wheel, framed with chrome in higher trims. The manufacturer has put the best in technology there, like Apple Car and Android Store connection, along with the newly designed USB ports, Bluetooth connection, and upgraded Toyota Safety Sense system.


There are few similarities in the engine with other sports models made in Toyota that showed up in 2020 Toyota Highlander. It is not expected since the model looks too robust and heavy for that. However, the engine that could be found in the base model is 3.5-liter V6 that produces 185 horsepower of strength. However, this engine is made in new technology, combined with the Atkinson cycle, which increases the efficiency. There should be another possible engine, paired with the electric unit, so new Highlander could be offered as a hybrid, too. In that case, it will surely be the V6 engine that produces 295 horsepower of strength and 263 pound-feet of torque. Sounds impressive for this model of vehicle.
2020 Toyota Highlander front

2020 Toyota Highlander Release Date and Price

It is highly expected that 2020 Toyota Highlander could be on the market before the middle of 2019. In that case, we were able to see the first models on Chicago Auto Show or the Los Angeles Auto Show. There is something like confirmation of those both dates from the manufacturer in their official states. However, the price has still not been released, so we can only suggest that it will be only slightly higher than for the current model. It is something around the $33,000 for the base model, with increasing of the base price with every equipment or addition.


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