2020 Toyota GT86

2020 Toyota GT86

Great news comes from the Toyota – 2020 Toyota GT86 will actually be a fully redesigned and upgraded model! For faithful fans, this is an expected information since the old model surely should be replaced with the second generation, in order to follow a strong competition. However, the new model will adopt many novelties, new engine, and great additions and equipment, with the great new design.

  • The car has great equipment and additions
  • The engine is improved and stronger
  • The model is a mix of sporty coupe and daily family car
  • It is not known how much it will cost


The main change in the appearance of the 2020 Toyota GT-86 is surely its great sports look, lowered car and many additions on the bumper and sides of the car. You will notice similarities with the Toyota C-HR and that is not unexpected. The manufacturer said that they will change the platform of this car to be sportier and coupe, so the new model could be more competitive in the class. However, there are new lights and bumpers, with the addition on the bottom of the front bumper, to make the car even lower. The car should be driven on 18-inch tires in the base model.

2020 Toyota GT86 rear


The cabin in 2020 Toyota GT86 has not been precisely described yet. The reason is obviously not many changes in that term, at least not worthy of mentioning. Let us remember on the last version model that had a very nice and comfortable cabin, wide enough for the children’s seat and extra cargo behind them. Even though the manufacturer has not precisely said much about the technology, we are sure that it could be improved and upgraded the current one. That includes EyeSight Toyota’s system, stop collision braking, driving assistant, lane departure driving, cruise control and many more.

Will there be new Engine choice?

The engines in 2020 Toyota GT86 will be the new one, instead of 2.0-liter that is currently used. The new model will be a stronger 2.4-liter turbocharged engine with 260 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque. Fans will recognize the same model as on Subaru Ascent. As the manufacturer said, they had to change the platform in coupe sports version to be adjusted with the new engine.

When will 2020 Toyota GT86 come out, how much will cost?

It is not précised when the new 2020 Toyota GT-86 will exactly be on the market so far. The manufacturer is planning to start a decade with this model, so it is possible to see it at the end of 2019 or a little later. The new model will be made in the Gunma factory in Japan. It is hard to precise the price of this model. Do not forget that the last model had a price of $20,000 in the base model, but this version will surely be more expensive.


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