2020 Toyota Fortuner

2020 Toyota Fortuner lights

2020 Toyota Fortuner should be redesigned and changed model that follow market demands and a wide range of changes that models in Toyota have undergone in the past few years. However, do not forget that Toyota was the manufacturer that has not changed their models for a long time.

Especially Fortuner has not been changed for 10 years, so this is the last moment for Toyota to change it. Unfortunately, we are not sure if anything of these that we will say is actually true, so keep this information as predictions only.

  • The model should be fully redesigned and modernized.
  • There are new engines under the hood.
  • The novelties in cabin equipment have not been confirmed yet.
  • It is not for sure that the model will be offered to the US market.


2020 Toyota Fortuner front

The design of the 2020 Toyota Fortuner could be changed for next year, but nobody can predict how that change could look like. It is expected that changes will be similar to changes in another of Toyota’s models, like Toyota 4Runner, and the first that we saw in that model as change is wide grille and large lights. The rear end seems to remain the same, with possible changes in the design of taillights and bottom of the rear bumper.


2020 Toyota Fortuner Interior

2020 Toyota Fortuner comes with a large and very comfortable cabin, with three rows of seating and comfortable and spacious seats. However, although the first two rows are wide and comfortable, the third row of seats is a little tight and small, and tall people will feel uncomfortable. When it comes to the equipment, it will be adjusted to the US market, and they will offer things that buyers in that market used to see.

Finally, the best in this will be a high luxury and quality materials, like soft-touch materials, leather and stylized shape of the seats. The dashboard could be redesigned, wider and much more quality, with new commands and buttons.


2020 Toyota Fortuner rear

It is actually very hard to even predict the engine that could be used in 2020 Toyota Fortuner. They could easily use the same engine as before, but we expect important changes in that field, too. Since we know that Toyota Tacoma got the new 3.5-liter V6 engine with 275 horsepower, we have reasons to believe that Fortuner will have one of these.

When it comes to the diesel engine it could be 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine with 180 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. We are not sure which of these are possible for this model, but we also know that Toyota does not change a lot their well-known and proven engines and engine parts.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Release Date and Price

It is hard to predict the final releasing date as well as design and engine strength of 2020 Toyota Fortuner. There are actually two options and scenarios that are worth mentioning. The first version is that the model will be found in the US, slightly changed from the last year model and upgraded in order to follow the market’s demands. In that case, Fortuner will cost around $40,000.

The second option is that the model will not be offered in the US at all, but mostly in the East Asia market, so American buyers will not be able to see it at all. We should be patient to see how the final version will look like, though.


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