2020 Tesla Roadster – the first Roadster is on the road to the asteroid’s belt

2020 Tesla Roadster - Image Source: NetCarsShow

In order to be like its old brother, 2020 Tesla Roadster has to be fast, great performed car and amazing. In case that you live on Mars these days and do not read the news, its old brother is a car that currently flies somewhere between the Sun and… well Mars, as a part of Elon Musk’s private rocket. Not only that first-gen Roadster reached the space, it has an astronaut-dressed doll (Elon called it Starman) that “drives” the car while David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” plays on the radio.


When Space Roadster comes into the asteroid belt, which is its first stop, dust, and sand that comes from the rocks will shape it and surely change its size and first design. Besides that, gravitation that comes from the planets on its road will surely have an effect on its shape, too, but we could not predict how it will look like after years in space. Astronomers said that they will be able to see a bright red spot in the sky every 11 years, so maybe they will know better then. However, 2020 Tesla Roadster is much more predictably planned and designed, with the sharp front end and thin trapezoidal lights on the front bumper, above thin air intake and sharp-edged grille. This futuristic car has a short rear end and sloped roof, which fulfills the design of the modern and sporty car.


2020 Tesla Roadster Interior – Image Source: NetCarsShow

Needless to say, the successor of famous space-Roadster should be futuristic in interior design and in equipment that is included in the cabin. We are sure that Bowie will sound much better in the cabin of 2020 Tesla Roadster than in space.


First Roadster now reached the speed of 33.5 kilometers per second in its historical trip, but for us who stand on their feet on the Earth next generation of Roadster will be as amazingly fast as its predecessor. 2020 Tesla Roadster should become the fastest car on the Earth with the increasing time of 1.9 seconds for the speed of 60 mph and a top speed of 250 mph! Even though the manufacturer has not explained which engine will produce this speed, we believe that they are working on a completely new type of electric engine for this vehicle.

2020 Tesla Roadster – Image Source: NetCarsShow

2020 Tesla Roadster – Conclusion

Yes, we know that it is not easy to imagine that you are an owner of 2020 Tesla Roadster, but according to the official site, for only $200,000 you can be one of them. However, in case that you want to reserve your sample, you should add $50,000 more and that is only for first 1,000 models. Meanwhile, the first Roadster is on the road to the asteroid’s belt, and after that, it will start its circle around the Sun. It is expected that it will make round tour every 18.8 months. The final goal is to take it space ad astra, which should be between Mars and the Earth when they will make an endless loop around the Sun. For us, its place ad astra is already made.


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