2020 Subaru Legacy

2020 Subaru Legacy

The manufacturer has a heavy job to do when planned and designed the 2020 Subaru Legacy. Not only that the last year model had dropped selling for 16% in the US in June, but the competition has not lost the time to improve their models in this class. However, looking at this model, we can confirm that Ford Fusion or Toyota Camry will surely have many reasons to be worried in the future. Even the redesigned Mazda 6 will be in tight competition with the Legacy in years to come.

  • The car is simple and long for every type of usage
  • The model is modernized and well-designed
  • The engine is still too simple and poor without a hybrid option
  • The cabin is not as well-equipped as in other models in class


2020 Subaru Legacy rear

We were able to see how Subaru’s Global Modular Architecture looks like on the luxury sedan like the 2020 Subaru Legacy after the other models made in this factory. However, with Legacy, the manufacturer went even further. Not only that he improved front lights, made them in LED technology, but they also made it prettier and modern, perfectly incorporated in smooth hood line. At first glance, Legacy recalls on traditional Japanese cars, mostly because of the sharp front end and wide air intake on the bottom of the front bumper, but that is only a support for the strong turbocharged engine. The rear end is simpler, with flat and squared trunk door.


2020 Subaru Legacy interior

The cabin in 2020 Subaru Legacy continues with the luxury in combination with practicality. That includes simple design in combination with large seats and a lot of space between the seats. In term of technology, there are things that are the highest in the class, like Wi-Fi connection, EyeSight driver assistant system, Apple Car Play (or Android Auto), lane keeps an assistant, the lead vehicle starts alert and pre-collision throttle management. Of course, all will be offered in combination with the functionality and comfort that is seen in models made in this factory before.


It is expected that 2020 Subaru Legacy will be driven by 2.5-liter direct-injection petrol model with 260 horsepower of strength, start/stop system and cylinder-deactivation. Something similar is already used on Subaru Forester before. The second version is the 2.4-liter turbo petrol system that is used on Subaru Ascent SUV. Both should be paired with CVT automatic transmission and offered as the optional all-wheel driving system as well.

2020 Subaru Legacy Release Date and Price

The price of last year model was $23,000 for the base model, so we expect that the new seventh generation of this vehicle will be the same or at least in the same price range. The reason is not many significant changes in 2020 Subaru Legacy and surely very high competition in the range. It is still not known when will new model will be on the market, but expect very soon.


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