2020 RAM 2500

2020 RAM 2500

2020 RAM 2500 comes as refreshment this year, slightly redesigned but still not much changed for faithful buyers and fans. There are many things that are not known, thus.

  • The truck is very long and large for heavy load
  • There is luxury trim in the offer
  • The model has redesigned and quality new engine
  • It is not known how the model will look like and how much it will cost
  • The vehicle is unnecessarily similar to RAM 1500


2020 RAM 2500 side
According to the photos, 2020 RAM 2500 should be slightly changed from the last model and closer to the fifth generation of RAM 1500 than the fourth generation of RAM 2500. There is no particular reason for that, but we concluded that from the photos we saw. Even though the prototype was covered with thick protection during test driving, we were able to see that it looks like the Mega Cab of 1500 model. On the other hand, there is famous Laramie Longhorn trim, according to chromatic line around the windows and the same luxury equipped cabin. On the other hand, the front end and details could not be visible on this photo, but we do not expect much change in that field. Should we expect similarities with the Ford F-150 or Dodge Durango?


2020 RAM 2500 interior
As we said, the only we were able to see through the window and opened door is luxury trim inside of 2020 RAM 2500, so we are not sure what will be in the new model at the end. Since we concluded that the manufacturer planned to change this model to be similar to the 1500 model, we expect large cabin and lot of space for the adult passengers. Technology and equipment are not known by now.


There is a very serious change in the engine of 2020 RAM 2500 from the last year model. As the opposite of the last models, and many other large trucks on the market, this time it will be the engine in a new type of material. Instead of the classic engine block, the manufacturer offers Compact Graphite Iron (CGI) engine block. It is for 75% stronger and for 45% stiffer than the old model. It showed much more temperature resistance and more strength. However, it is expected that the old 5.7-liter petrol model will not be available and be replaced with 6.4-liter Hemi or 7.0-liter Banshee Hemi V8 as a main novelty in the class. In that way, this vehicle could be stronger than 400 horsepower and has 900 pound-feet of torque.

2020 RAM 2500 Release Date and Price

As you can see, there are so many questions and clues about 2020 RAM 2500 that we are not sure which to adopt and accept as a true. Time will say if we were right about the design of the model, as the engine should be completely changed this time. The price for this truck is obviously still not possible to predict, but we can expect slightly higher from the last year model. That means $30,000 and more than that.


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