2020 Maserati Alfieri

2020 Maserati Alfieri

2020 Maserati Alfieri was announced at Geneva Auto Show in 2014 as a concept car with the new electric engine which will change the appearance and impression that Fiat sends to its buyers, and surely change the line of a sports car. However, the manufacturer has still not said much about this engine, except for the fact that it will come after the usual petrol one.

  • Modern and very attractive sports design.
  • It has the new electric hybrid engine.
  • The price is still above the competition.
  • We are not sure in equipment and design of the cabin.


The design of the 2020 Maserati Alfieri is actually not much changed from the last model, so it will follow the design of Jaguar F-Pace and even Tesla Model S. Even though those are electric cars, Maserati aims to be completely different from them when it comes to the engine, so every similarity stops here, in the design of the car. We surely expect recognizable chubby front wheels and thin LED front lights above the unique grille.


2020 Maserati Alfieri interior

It is too early to say anything about the cabin in 2020 Maserati Alfieri, at least in term of technology and equipment. Design should not be much different from the current one, but we expect a few futuristic details in order to follow novelties under the hood.


We all know that the most attractive in 2020 Maserati Alfieri will be its new engine that will be among the best in class, and surely the best among sports hybrids. The manufacturer decided to offer a petrol unit first, which could be the same as on old models. To remember, it had three V6 engine, with the strength of 410 horsepower, 450 horsepower and 520 horsepower of strength, or any other V8 version. But then the market should be hit by the brand new, an electric engine that is originally made in Fiat. That will actually be the first engine in this class that is made in this factory, so we expect the best in class.

2020 Maserati Alfieri review

2020 Maserati Alfieri Release Date and Price

Along with the current V8 petrol-unit engine, Maserati works on their maybe the most interesting sports model in the line, 2020 Maserati Alfieri. Now when their Grand Turismo disappears, according to information we have, and improving Maserati Levante SUV the time is to change their sport’s version with the electric engine. However, the price of the model should not be much different from the current, petrol one, so expect the number around $61,000 for the base model. We will be able to see it later next year, as they could be on the market at some point both in the offer.


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