2020 Lincoln Continental

2020 Lincoln Continental

When bad days come, like they came for luxury sedans, manufacturers do whatever they can to save brand and name from collapsing. That is how 2020 Lincoln Continental formed. Not only that it is slightly improved in equipment and design, but it has a special addition – old-school suicidal doors! As we were able to see at 2018 National Automotive Dealer Association in Los Angeles, the new Continental will get something unusual, but very attractive for younger buyers, and it could be an interesting attempt to save what it could be saved.

  • Continental remained recognizable elegantly shaped chassis and luxury design.
  • The price is favorable even for the average buyer.
  • Luxury sedans are not pretty much practical for daily driving.
  • The engine is way below the competition.


2020 Lincoln Continental review

We simply cannot describe 2020 Lincoln Continental before we point out those new suicide doors, which will surely be one of the most attractive things in this car. We could be able to see them only on Rolls Royce Phantom, for example. That means that Continental aims to be a cheaper version of highly luxury cars. Other things are the same as on the current model, the car is cubic and simple, with chromatic details and large grille.


2020 Lincoln Continental interior

The cabin of 2020 Lincoln Continental cannot be much changed this time, and it is not even necessary since the last model had a very roomy and well-equipped cabin, with great additions and devices inside. However, there is still a question about the materials used there, and we expect that something could be changed in that field, so new Continental could get quality leather and woody details this time.


The manufacturer has not said if they will change the engine in 2020 Lincoln Continental or not, but since they have not said anything by now, we expect that nothing will be changed in that field. That means that we could find a 3.0-liter V8 petrol engine under the hood as on the current model. That also means that Continental has much weaker engine than other luxury large sedans in class, including Bentley Bentayga with 4.0-liter V8 and surely weaker than 5.0-liter V12 in Mercedes-Maybach S 600 with 5.0-liter V12.

2020 Lincoln Continental front

2020 Lincoln Continental Release Date and Price

It is hard to say who will be attracted the most with those doors when it comes to the selling of 2020 Lincoln Continental. The truth is that they are only a detail that actually does not change the appearance of the car, and there should not be many new buyers in the future, attracted particularly by this addition. Knowing that last year model had a price of $54,000, we expect that it will not be changed much this time, and that is surely good news for the buyers and keeps this car above the competition. Still, time will say if buyers were so much thrilled with suicide doors or not and if this move was only a slowing down of the finally removing the model from the market.


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