2020 Honda S2000

2020 Honda S2000

The fans have been waiting for more than a decade to see the return of a roadster that certainly marked one period in the past. Well, it seems that the well-known Honda S2000 will not actually come back and it will stay there in the 2000s. We are all aware of the fact that crossovers and other models have been way more popular than sports cars nowadays. Some like Mazda MX5 Miata have found their way to the top, but it seems that the 2020 Honda S2000 will not.

  • a true sports car experience,
  • more power,
  • significant updates in terms of design
  • and technology.
  • it probably won’t happen.


2020 Honda S2000 side

The recent rumors and predictions say that if the next-generation Honda S2000 actually hits the market, it certainly won’t happen soon. Yes, it has been speculated that it could surprise the fans as a 2020 model, but it seems that the arrival of this popular roadster might not happen at all. Be that as it may, the 2020 Honda S2000 would probably keep that recognizable exterior design that many have been comparing to its rival Acura NSX. It means that it would appear as a two-door convertible with a longer hood and a shorter rear end. Following the fashion of next-generation vehicles, the carmaker would probably use some lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber in order to save as much weight as possible. That would additionally boost the overall performance of this sports car. Other significant updates could involve a redesigned grille, bumpers, LED lighting system and larger air intakes, but we can only guess at the moment. It will go straight ahead new Toyota Supra.


When it comes to interior of the 2020 Honda S2000, this roadster should apply some innovative design here as well. The fans would probably find two seats covered in leather. The seats should be comfortable and supportive, especially at high speeds. As it has been the case with most of the next-generation sports cars, the new Honda S2000 should also pay special attention to technology. Therefore, the driver could get an information display as well as some larger infotainment touch-screen in the center console. Its standard and optional safety systems and driver assist features would be upgraded as well.

2020 Honda S2000 models


The last model of the Honda S2000 has been seen with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This probably wouldn’t change for the upcoming model and it has been estimated that it could hit more than 320 horsepower. For instance, such an engine in the Honda Type R delivers the output of 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

2020 Honda S2000 back

2020 Honda S2000 Release Date and Price

It is pointless to talk about the release date of the 2020 Honda S2000 since there is no official information whether it is actually going to hit the market. At the moment, it seems that this model will remain discontinued.
Competitors: BMW Z4, Acura NSX, Mazda MX5 Miata, Fiat 124 Spider, Nissan 370Z


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