2020 GMC Sierra

2020 GMC Sierra front

There is a wide range of heavy-duty models that have been redesigned and changed in the past two years, and 2020 GMC Sierra is one of them. Since the competition has changed everything they can in their new models, GMC had to follow new market demands.

As the manufacturer said, this model could be perfect as high towing capacity heavy load machine, but also great controlled and tracked as a combination of features and helpers. However, the truck will have a modern and very attractive design and great high-technology in the cabin.

  • The model has very high towing capacity and strength of the engine.
  • There is very functional equipment in the cabin.
  • The truck is flat and simple, too similar to other models in class.
  • There is no information about the cabin design.


2020 GMC Sierra lights

Massiveness and aggressiveness do not lack on 2020 GMC Sierra, that is for sure. However, the manufacturer has made few important details on chassis that help for achieving better performances. That is why it has an extremely wide grille, in order to provide cooling to the engine, and large LED front lights, for supporting the truck’s safety.

Since towing is almost the most important thing in this truck, there is new multi pro tailgate, with even six functions to allow easy entry and towing, as well as better control. The higher trim, AT4, has off-road suspension for driving in every terrain, with 20-inch Goodyear tires and traction select system with the off-road mode.


2020 GMC Sierra interior

Not only that the cabin in 2020 GMC Sierra is great and large for every type of driving and enjoying in it, but it also has great equipment, mostly to help in towing and heavy load driving. Some of them are a special rearview camera that controls bed and tailgate, so the driver can watch towing of the truck.

The most important is a 15-inch head-up display that puts information directly on the windshield so the driver does not need to stop watching the road. It is also important that the manufacturer has included the camera on the truck, which shows the road literally behind the cabin, through the cabin – Transparent Trailer View. There are also side cameras, for extra safety.


2020 GMC Sierra rear

This sized truck as 2020 GMC Sierra must have a strong engine with high towing capacity. It surely has it. The engine that comes as standard model is 6.6-liter Duramax Turbo Diesel V8 with 445 horsepower and 910 pound-feet of torque. The manufacturer has offered new Allison 10-speed automatic transmission as the first model like this in heavy-duty trucks.

It allows an optimal range of operating even with varying load and terrain conditions. Thanks to it, the engine provides maximum torque to the wheels all the time. The most attractive for this sized truck is very high towing capacity, which is higher than 33,000 pounds. Obviously, Ford F-450 has a serious competitor.

2020 GMC Sierra Release Date and Price

The production of the 2020 GMC Sierra will start in late summer 2019, and according to the official site, it will be available in three trim versions. The base model knows as HD version has the price of 33,000 while the highest price could be around $70,000 in Denali HD version. However, there will be plenty of equipment and additions that buyer could demand, as we are sure that this will be a great model for new buyers to order.


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