2020 Ford Fiesta ST

2020 Ford Fiesta ST

2020 Ford Fiesta ST is one of those cars that are announced as the biggest surprise from the manufacturer and the model that will be removed from the market at the same time. The reason is very high production in other car class, so small hatchback simply remains invisible to the designer. However, we have reasons to believe and claim that they will offer this version of the well-known model and it will be slightly changed over the years to come.

  • This is a small and very handsome car, especially for city driving.
  • The engine is economical and small.
  • Some people find the cabin in this car very small.
  • The equipment is not clearly known by now.


2020 Ford Fiesta ST side

There is a big dilemma if 2020 Ford Fiesta ST will be a two-door hatchback as before or it will get another two doors, at least for the outside of the US market. Before we have an answer on that, let’s say that it has a recognizable gridded grille, small trunk, and egg-like shape, and that will not be changed soon.


2020 Ford Fiesta ST interior

There is no much information about the interior of 2020 Ford Fiesta ST, but we expect significant updates in that field. The rumors mentioned 2.0 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, as well as a larger touchscreen in the dashboard and maybe new rearview cameras and some kind of driver assistant. However, the dashboard should be redesigned, and offer much more space and better visibility for the driver. The cabin obviously cannot be much bigger than before, but it will be more comfortable.


The engine in 2020 Ford Fiesta ST will not be much different from the current ones and not much innovative, if we must say that. There should be 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol unit that produces 200 horsepower of strength and 225 pound-feet of torque. The transmission is not known so far, but it will surely be an automatic one. As Fiesta is a small and lightweight car, the speed of 60 mph increases for only 9 seconds, which is great in the class. That also presumes good fuel economy, but those numbers are not shared yet.

2020 Ford Fiesta ST review

2020 Ford Fiesta ST Release Date and Price

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that we will be able to see 2020 Ford Fiesta ST by the end of the year, at least not in Europe and US. Fiesta should be found on China market, as the most likely. There are also rumors that the US and Europe will get something similar to Fiesta ST, but we cannot confirm if that will be called the same. We are not sure what the reason is for this, as well as for literally killing small hatchback in Ford in past few years, but time will say if that was a smart move. However, the starting price for 2020 Ford Fiesta ST should be the same as before, and that is $13,000.


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