2020 Ford Bronco Rampage Movie

The 12th generation of this very popular vehicle is coming back as great and very attractive upgraded model, already announced at Detroit Auto Show last year. We were able to see there a new and modernized model similar to European Everest SUV, so there should not be many surprises. However, that is not the most interesting about this car. It is also a co-actor in a new blockbuster about a giant monster that kills and destroys the city. The movie is not new, either, and the first version of it was shown in 1986. In this version, the starring actor is famous Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


Ford Bronco Rampage Movie 3
Ford Bronco Concept- Rampage Movie 2018 Screenshot

Not only that Ford Bronco Concept- Rampage Movie is very simple and rough vehicle, but it seems that the manufacturer exactly wanted the car like that to fulfill its main purpose. There is massive and rough front end with vintage gridded grille and rounded lights supported by hooks and metallic parts on the bottom. Following the concept introduced in 2005, the car has no many details on the sides and rear end, and the rear lights are squared as on previous models.


The manufacturer has not shared the size and photos of the cabin in new Ford Bronco Concept, but we were able to see how they made it in the mentioned movie, at least few details. It is a simple and modest cabin, obviously made of brown fabric and with very few attractive details. That does not mean that the manufacturer offers poor equipment, but more likely that it is adjustable to main truck’s purpose, and that is off-road driving.

Ford Bronco Rampage Movie 2
Ford Bronco Concept- Rampage Movie 2018 Screenshot


Even though the previous model started with 2.0-liter petrol unit, matched with the six-speed manual transmission, it is not expected that new Ford Bronco Concept – Rampage Movie will have the same engine again. More likely is that the manufacturer put stronger, at least 300 horsepower strong petrol engine fueled on petrol, too. It is expected that it will be offered as the all-wheel driving system only.


It is not known when 2020 Ford Bronco will be on the market, but that could be at the end of the year. The price is not known, but we expect much higher than $30,000 according to all it showed. Starting from the high popularity that made in the movie, new Bronco will be as attractive and interesting as the old models from this manufacturer.

2020 Ford Bronco Competitors

The competitors are historical models known for a long time among SUV and truck’s fans, like 2020 Jeep Wrangler, 2019 Toyota Land Cruiser, Jeep Wagoner, 2019 Land Rover Range Rover and possibly one part of the famous Toyota F-class. When it comes to the movie, it started its life in April 2018.

To be honest, people worried that new Bronco will have too futurized look, which they concluded after many rumors and predictions. Luckily, it is handsome and cute as before, since it has not changed the shape and design from the first concept too much.

So, what do you think about Ford Bronco Rampage in a movie? If you still have not made to watch the movie, you saw photos, and they are very precise and show the real look. We know that we are deeply sorry he did not get more screen time in the movie!


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