2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda

2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda

Even though 2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda is actually announced to be made in 2012 when Sergio Marchionne and its team said that this model could be found on the market in years to come, that was still not happened and nobody knows if it will be in the future. As things are now, it could be even the model for 2023, but we still believe that it is finished and detailed so we are able to at least predict its design.

"This article is based on a rumors (It's not officialy confirmed)"

  • Dodge cars have always been the strongest in the class, so we expect the same.
  • Whatever design is, it should have original, old-fashioned vintage look.
  • The engine is maybe too retro and heavy.
  • The cabin is not clearly described and we do not know what of the equipment will be found there.


2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda front

It is hard to predict the shape and design of the 2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda, for so many reasons. If it becomes even a little longer, it will become a Dodge Challenger, but with the smaller four-door shape, it could be the Dodge Avenger sedan. The manufacturer actually has many things to resolve before the car is on the market, and we are thrilled to see how they actually did that.


The cabin is not showed anywhere and it will not be shared before the shape of the car is not finished. However, expect the same design as an Avenger, with maybe few changes.


The engine in a strong and powerful car like 2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda should be among the strongest in the class, in order to remain the same popularity and strength that those models were popular with. Instead of the current 5.7-liter Hemi engine that produces 392 horsepower of strength, there could be found a twin-turbo or six-cylinder model with much more power. There are also rumors that the manufacturer is considering of making a hybrid engine under the hood which would be made of an electric unit and an electric engine for instant acceleration and more power. The same is used in Jeep Wrangler, thus.

2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda back

2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda Release Date and Price

It is still not known if 2020 Dodge SRT Barracuda will be on the market or if it will even be called Barracuda or not. As we know by now, the name Barracuda is actually a name that Plymouth gave in 70’s to mark their large and sporty car that has the strength higher than 450 horsepower. Today, however, FCA group has not decided about the remaining this famous name yet, and as we concerned, it is the last moments when they should make a decision. If they decide to remove that name they have a long list of possible names that could be considered – Daytona, Super Bee, Magnum, Nitro, Rebel, and Shadow. On the other hand, the name is not that important as the appearance and possible design of the car, since they already have a strong and large Challenger and luxury sedan Avenger. All information should be known very soon, next year.


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