2020 Buick Verano

2020 buick verano front

2020 Buick Verano is the new version that exists in the second generation of the model. The last redesign was being made in 2016 and as far we know it should not be significantly changed before 2021 when new redesign should happen.

Since this version was shown in Shanghai Auto Show first, we could confirm that the model will be offered on China market, again, after the last version’s success. When it comes to the changes in the new version, there are only a few of them, since the new model should bring significant changes in this field later. The design still recalls on larger brother Lacrosse.

  • The model is modern and luxury as before.
  • The engines are strong and economic.
  • There are no changes in design or engines a long time ago.
  • The cabin has not been changed or significantly upgraded.


2020 Buick verano lights

The design of the 2020 Buick Verano will not be significantly changed this time. At first glance, it looks like luxury sedans in this class, like Mercedes-Benz A-Class or Audi A7. The manufacturer has made it be a smaller version of Lacrosse, so expect similar details.

The model has a recognizable gridded grille with large and wide lines in chrome. The rear end is more sedan-like with upgraded taillights and few curved lines on the trunk door. The luxury design of the car supports a sloped roof that ends in short trunk line and chromatic lines that goes around the windows and doors.


2020 Buick Verano Interior

There are no expected changes inside of the 2020 Buick Verano, although the cabin should undergo changes and improvements in the equipment. However, the cabin has been attractive and comfortable before, so there are no reasons to expect anything less than that.

On interestingly designed dashboard the manufacturer has made a wide center cluster supporting the T-shape of the dashboard. Thanks to the lines in chrome the dashboard have modernly and almost futuristic look. Finally, there is a completely new infotainment system controlled by commands on the 7-inch touchscreen. Higher trims will surely get leather on the seats and luxury details.


2020 buick verano rear

There are no expectations about the new engines in 2020 Buick Verano, and engines that should be under the hood of the model are the same as before. It means that the base model could get 2.5-liter four-cylinder that produces 181 horsepower of strength.

The second option is the 2.1-liter turbocharged engine with 251 horsepower of strength which comes in higher, Premium Turbo trim version. Both engines come paired with a six-speed manual and automatic transmission. Although both engines have been proven to durability and economy, the manufacturer plans to improve it in years to come. Future models could get naturally aspirated or turbocharged four-in-line model with nine-speed automatic transmission as optional.

2020 Buick Verano Release Date and Price

There should not be changes in 2020 Buick Verano this time, so expect the same design as before. However, the market in China will be pleased with this vehicle in two versions, as a hatchback and compact sedan version. The model should cost $22,000 without any equipment, while the highest option could have a price of $30,000.

However, the most important about the model is that the market in China could expect first versions while the market in North America could wait for a while. As a matter of fact, future models will be produced in plants in China.


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