2020 Buick Avista

2020 Buick Avista

2020 Buick Avista is actually showed in January for the first time and even then few details were not described and finally defined. However, we expect few major changes in the design of the car, but the main shape and design should not be much changed from the last model. As far we know, the engine should not be changed from the last model, as well as the equipment in the cabin. Other information we will know later.

  • Great design and attractive cabin surely should be attractive to new buyers.
  • The engine is proven and already used in these models and among the highest in class.
  • The car actually does not go much further from the competition in design and shape.
  • The car is described as difficult for driving and handling.


2020 Buick Avista side

Avista has always been in the middle of the class in term of design, offering almost the average shape and design for the class. The same thing is with the 2020 Buick Avista. We have not seen the new model in salons, but concerning the lack of the information so far, the manufacturer will not change it much for the next time. The shape of the front end reminds on Cadillac CTS, or Volvo S90, and Lincoln MKZ, and that will not be changed much in this version. The rear end is short with maybe new few details and changed rear lights. As a standard come 20-inch tires.


2020 Buick Avista interior

There are no much to say about the cabin in 2020 Buick Avista. It is the same luxury shell as on previous models and which models from Buick famous are with. The cabin is wrapped in thick light brown and black leather. The very interesting and attractive dashboard is shaped to be sharp and wide, with many details made of chrome. There is a wide touchscreen on the top of it and digital commands on the center cluster between the seats.


The manufacturer decided to not change anything in engine type, so 2020 Buick Avista has the same 3.5-liter V6 model as on current version, too. With 400 horsepower of strength, it surely attracts attention and stands in the same line with Acura TLX as the main competitor. However, even though there were rumors about the eight-speed automatic transmission that did not happen. The engine is matched with the eight-speed automatic transmission as on the current model.

2020 Buick Avista back

2020 Buick Avista Release Date and Price

2020 Buick Avista will not be on the market before the second half of the next year. The price is not confirmed yet, but it should not be much different from the current one and that is $28,000 for a base model, so it is a luxury sedan that stands literally almost on the top of the cars in the class.


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