2019 Trans am Super Duty – New Legend on Horizon?

2019 Pontiac Firebird and Trans Am Release Date and Price – Even though the first model of 2019 Trans Am Super Duty was showed 2017, it will be offered to the buyers this year with the look and engine performances that represent its final version. This unique vehicle surely attracts attention.

  • Strong engine
  • beautiful look
  • too expensive


2019 Trans Am Super Duty is made to recall old times and muscular cars popular then (with Trans Am among them) but also to be a car for the future. That combination is visible in every part of the car. The massive front end has mesh wide grille separated on two with thin lights and wide air intake on the bottom. Not only that the car is lowered to the ground, but it has an extra metallic sheet as a protection. The rear end has wide but short truck door with three LED lines across it instead of classic rear lights. The truck door has also a wide addition on the top as a spoiler. The sloped roof can be made of glass on customer’s demand.

"This article is based on a rumors (It's not officialy confirmed)"


Even though the manufacturer wanted to remain traditional look and design of the car, combining it with modernity and attractiveness, the cabin is quite modern and functional, with almost no similarities with old Trans Am. As they said, they wanted something modern and unique, but without many details that distract. There is unique dashboard shaped like a flesh with a wider part in front of the driver and largely rounded air vents on the ends. Those vents are below the wide touchscreen positioned on center cluster and besides few commands, there are no other buttons. The soft seats are covered with dark grey leather which is the color that dominates in the cabin.


The engine in 2019 Trans Am Super Duty is already known and amazingly strong 7.4-liter VLT1 V8 GM’s famous current generation. The strength of the engine is 740 horsepower while the engine produces 1,000 pound-feet of torque. That is allowed by 3.0-inch long exhausts, together with ceramic coated headers and cold air intake. In case that you are wondering who made this animal under the hood, the answer is GM in cooperation with NASCAR engineers and the owner of it Joey Arrington himself.

2019 Trans am Super Duty Release Date and Price

When it comes to the price of 2019 Trans Am Super Duty, we are sure that it will be much higher as for usual sporty cars, especially if we know that a small number of units will be made. However, the first model was already introduced on 2017 New York Auto Show, so with small changes, it is already on the market ready to be driven.


  1. Hello! We need a panoramic view of the hellcat, so that we may see the new TransAm. It is the one that has run out of view in front of the hellcat.


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