2019 Nissan Navara

2019 Nissan Navara - Image Sorce: Motor Trend

"This article is based on a rumors (It's not officialy confirmed)"
2019 Nissan Navara is an answer to high demands for the large vehicles on the market nowadays. As the old Frontier has been removed from the market in the US, buyers need something similar, but new enough so their expectations are fulfilled. Navara is not only made for the US, but for Europe and Asia, too, which forced the manufacturer to adjust some equipment, engine strength and performances and design to buyers there. Whatever it looks like, new Navara is significantly changed from the old model, so now is much bigger, prettier and surely one of the most attractive large SUV on the market nowadays.


2019 Nissan Navara – Image Sorce: Motor Trend

The design of 2019 Nissan Navara is slightly changed from the current model, as some details are the same and could be mixed up with the old model. There is still massive and aggressive front end, as on other SUVs, with recognizable gridded rhomboidal grille and large LED lights on the sides of the bumper. Below it is thin air intake and trapezoidal fog lights rounded with chrome. The rear end is simple, with thin and modern rear lights and skid plates for easily entering. A truck lies on large 16-wheels, but higher trims get 18-inch wheels, too.


As there could be more than one trim with new 2019 Nissan Navara, the cabin will be different in those cases. However, base model should be as much attractive and luxury in base model as in higher trims. There is a wide and modern dashboard, decorated with chromatic lines and details, fulfilled with a large 7-inch touchscreen, with many commands. There should be offered many outputs, too, including those for laptop, for example. Seats should be covered with leather.


There are rumors that 2019 Nissan Navara will get completely new engine under the hood, and in that case, there are two possible options. The first model could be 2.5-liter four-cylinder with 200 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. The second option is larger, 4.0-liter petrol engine with 261 horsepower. Even though the current model has six-speed automatic transmission, the new could have seven-speed transmission at least in higher trims.

2019 Nissan Navara Release Date and Price

2019 Nissan Navara should attract attention in the future, and not only among their old buyers. Thanks to many novelties, it could be interesting to new buyers, too. As the manufacturer has not said the price, we cannot be sure in the number, but it should be almost the same as for the last model, and that is around $27,000 for the base model.


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