2019 Mitsubishi Montero

Even though 2019 Mitsubishi Montero could sound unknown for new buyers, the old ones will recognize a famous Japanese model Pajero under it. If we know that it is the model firstly released in 1982 that counted a numerous of models sold all over the world until now, it is not weird to expect high interest for this model now. Changing design every two or three years, Mitsubishi teased buyers to buy new and more interesting models again, so it is not strange that this model is even more interesting than the previous one.

"This article is based on a rumors (It's not officialy confirmed)"


2019 Mitsubishi Montero got the new design that is for sure, but it still has the famous largeness and aggressiveness in combination with elegance. The massive front end has gridded aluminum grille with thin LED front lights, perfectly incorporated in hood line and wide covered air intake with metallic protection on the bottom. It seems that fog lights are bigger than front lights, thus. However, the rear end has the same thin rear lights that spread over the truck door and also wide metallic protection with two large exhausts on the sides. The rear end is higher than the front ones.


Not only that the cabin of 2019 Mitsubishi Montero is wide enough for 7 tall passengers, but it is luxury designed and made of quality and expensive materials to fulfill highly demanded buyers. Thanks to the chrome in combination with dark leather there it looks elegant and modern technology is among the best in class. In term of technology, there is Bluetooth connectivity, sound, and audio system and improved rearview camera. For passengers’ pleasure, there is automatic whether control, heating of the seats and more.


2019 Mitsubishi Montero does not change the type and strength of the engine that buyers used on it. That means a 3.0-liter V6 model with 415 horsepower and 385 pound-feet of torque in combination with the seven-speed automatic transmission. However, there is a prediction that manufacturer will pair it with an electric unit, powered by lithium battery built with i-MiEV Technology. This model can increase the speed of 60 mph for 7 seconds.

2019 Mitsubishi Montero Release Date and Price

The manufacturer has prepared all important for 2019 Mitsubishi Montero, but we will not see the model before the summer of 2018. Base model should cost around $49,000, so expect more than that in case that you have special orders and demands. We expect many models sold in years to come.


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