2019 Mitsubishi Evo concept – electric SUV – 2017 Tokyo Auto Show

2019 Mitsubishi Evo concept - Image Source: motor authority

2019 Mitsubishi Evo Concept shows significant changes in design and concept from the old one. The biggest news is that the Lancer is gone from market and Mitsubishi will not make it again, so now is time for changing of design and engine capacity and type for the future. If you are one of big Lancer’s fan, do not be worry about this changing, Evo Concept is actually based on the Lancer and includes all important details which that vehicle had. Showing this new model on 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, manufacturer showed what they meant announcing an SUV for the future.


Being an SUV, 2019 Mitsubishi Evo Concept has significantly large size, but with many interesting curves and lines, following classic Mitsubishi design. The rounded front end has sharpened edge in the middle, with thin LED front lights and LED line on the bottom as daylight. Below them is wide plastic protection with thin air intake below it. The interesting rear end has recognizable line which separates the rear end on two, as every other current Mitsubishi car. That line goes all over the rear bumper and ends in the middle of the front doors. The rear end has chromatic protection on the bottom.


The cabin in 2019 Mitsubishi Evo Concept is as modern and functional as on every other model from this manufacturer. That could include the similarities with Lancer in design and equipment, but with many improvements and changes. If we are right, you should expect the same classic designed dashboard, with a touchscreen in the middle and very simple buttons layout. Together with quality fabric or leather, the manufacturer could decide to add some chromatic details.


There are many changes in 2019 Mitsubishi Evo Concept worth of mentioning, but most important is that the vehicle will be driven by a completely electric engine made by sophisticated technology. We are still not sure how that will look like, but it is for sure that Mitsubishi planned something unique. It is highly expected that vehicle like this will have a special driving assistant which could turn into the futuristic no-driver vehicle. Thanks to all-wheel driving technology it is for sure that car will show great driving performance.

2019 Mitsubishi Evo concept Release Date and Price

The exact release date and price is not presented yet, but we think that you can expect it in 2020, and the price will be around $60,000.


The main news could be that Mitsubishi becomes a part of great Renault company, together with Nissan, which effects on every other decisions and change. However, the main change could be the new electric engine, changes in design and reduction in the platform.


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