2019 Land Rover Evoque

2019 Nissan Navara - Image Source: Auto Express

2019 Land Rover Evoque, even though planned to be slightly larger than the last model, should still be the smallest Rover among Rovers on the market, but this time much different from the other ones. Since the first model has been made, and that was in 2011, nothing has changed in terms of design and engine performances worthy of mentioning until now. Now is time to change almost all in the car, including exterior design, interior, equipment and surely the engine. This time it could be completely different from everything we know and it can include even a hybrid option.


2019 Nissan Navara – Image Source: Auto Express

As manufacturer announced, 2019 Land Rover Evoque should be a longer and even higher vehicle, with roof lifted up for few inches only, but enough to provide more space inside of the cabin. Made on special Land Rover D8 platform, it is expected that wheelbase will be wider for 0.8 inches, too. However, design of the car we could not be able to see as the manufacturer showed only a mule covered with thick protection, and those things we could be able to see are not enough to conclude what the manufacturer offers in this model. There is wide and modernly designed mesh grille with large lights and air intake below them, together with lifted up, wide and rounded rear end, with modernly designed lights and wide spoiler on the rear window, but many things are not finished yet.


2019 Nissan Navara Interior- Image Source: Autoevolution

As we saw on photos, the cabin in 2019 Land Rover Evoque should be modern with interesting lowered dashboard decorated with chromatic details and modern instruments and equipment.


Although that sounds unbelievable, 2019 Land Rover Evoque should be the first model with three-cylinder on the market. Together with a lithium-ion battery, a classical 1.5-liter turbocharged unit becomes the great combination of the best features in class. Three cylinders in petrol engines have never been seen on the market buy now, so Evoque will start a new era in Rover car class.

2019 Nissan Navara – Image Source: Motor1

2019 Land Rover Evoque Releasse Date and Price

As the new 2019, Land Rover Evoque or Evoque MK2 as manufacturer called it as working version should be released at the end of 2018. According to the manufacturer, there should be offered few versions, like Rover PHEV Evoque and Rover Sports Evoque, and as a three-door and two-door together with coupe designed model. However, although the manufacturer has put in their five years plan to move at least half of models to the hybrid class, as we saw on 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, it seems that new Evoque will not be an all-electric vehicle.


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