2019 Ford Thunderbird

The year 2019 is definitely about to bring some great novelties and redesigns. One of them is the well-known legend Ford Thunderbird which will remain faithful to the lovers of such sports muscle cars, but at the same time appear modern and improved in order to become more appealing to the young and new buyers. Here is what we know so far for new 2019 Ford Thunderbird.

"This article is based on a rumors (It's not officialy confirmed)"
  • nice engine options
  • no official information so far


As the introduction itself says, the 2019 Ford Thunderbird will be a perfect combination of those traditional and classic features of retro muscle cars and those next-generation ones that need to keep up with the competition. The new Thunderbird will hit the market as a sports coupe with an eye-catching and powerful design. It will wear a distinctive and unique body style that will be much different compared to its predecessor. First of all, the fans will notice its longer wheelbase which will promise more space inside. Its long nose will also help this model improve aerodynamics and achieve better acceleration and overall performance. Besides aerodynamics, the weight loss will also contribute a lot. Namely, the carmaker will use some lightweight materials for its chassis as it has been the case with most of the next-generation sports cars. The new Thunderbird will wear its distinctive wide mesh grille, thin and stylish LED headlights and taillights and 18-inch aluminum wheels as standard.


Due to its longer wheelbase, the 2019 Ford Thunderbird will definitely provide more spacious cabin than its predecessor. Besides that, the Thunderbird will also pay special attention to materials and overall comfort so you can hope to find some high-quality leather, wood and aluminum in here. The interior will perfectly combine sporty and luxurious features. Technology will be upgraded as well. The center console will reveal an infotainment touch-screen display with features such as navigation, sound system, climate control, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Thunderbird is also expected to include all those necessary advanced safety systems and driver assist features.


We must admit that there has been a certain lack of information when it comes to engine that the 2019 Ford Thunderbird will offer under its hood. Numerous options have been speculated so we will let you know as soon as the choice becomes more specific. By that time, probably the most possible one includes a 4.0-liter V8 engine that has been expected to deliver 252 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque.

2019 Ford Thunderbird Release Date and Price

The release date of the 2019 Ford Thunderbird has still been a mystery at the moment. The price of this sports coupe should start under $30,000.
Competitors: Mercedes C-Class coupe, Chevrolet Chevelle SS, 2019 Trans am, BMW 4 Series.


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