2019 Ferrari SUV

2019 Ferrari SUV - Image Souce: Autoevolution

Time is changing and fast sporty cars are not attractive anymore. People simply more like SUVs vehicles, which are more practical and larger. 2019 Ferrari SUV proves that it does not have to be slow and boring large elephant, but it also could be as fast as a sporty car, together with great design and utility. However, people (mostly Ferrari fans) are not satisfied with changing in this factory. They are loved in small fast machines, claiming that market pampering is simply not always a clever solution. One of the most disappointed fans said that Marconi is killing the Ferrari with this model.

  • great performance, and engine
  • too expensive


2019 Ferrari SUV – Image Source: Autoevolution

Marconi is very mysterious when it comes to the exterior design. Earlier he said that he would never allow making Ferrari to commercial, an average vehicle like Porsche did with its Cayenne, but this time we are not sure what he actually thought about. Will 2019 Ferrari SUV looks like the large, utility truck or more like the sporty car as we used to see? Some photo robots which auto magazines made show that it has to be long and muscular, must have muscle and aggressive front end and slightly rounded rear end, with the highly positioned base. It also could have recognizable front end with thin lights positioned on the sides of the front bumper and wide air intake on the bottom, to increase the speed.


2019 Ferrari SUV interior


Although the main competitor to 2019 Ferrari SUV could be Lamborghini Urus, which people recognized as strong, fast and attractive enough to compete with powerful Ferrari, Marconi compared this car with Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio. It has twin-turbo V6 powerful engine with 503 horsepower of strength. The speed of 60 mph increases for amazingly 3.8-seconds and top speed is stopped at 176 mph. However, we must be honest and say that the more competitive model to the Ferrari is Lamborghini Urus with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces 641 horsepower and increasing the time of 3.6 seconds, while the top speed is around 189 mph. As this is not shocking enough, there are plans for making a hybrid version, too.

2019 Ferrari SUV Release Date and Price

We may hate the Marconi’s decision or not, but 2019 Ferrari SUV, if and when it comes to the market (according to Auto Express magazine, that could be by the end of the year) could be very strong competition to high expensive models in class like Lamborghini Urus, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga, Jaguar F-Pace. It could be the last major decision and change that Marconi made, since his days in Fiat Chrysler Group end in 2019, while he stays in Ferrari only two years more.


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