2019 Dodge Rampage

You may feel confused with the 2019 Dodge Rampage, as the name is not known by now, but it is a new model that Dodge made, to be more competitive on market, full of trucks and SUVs. However, the name is not the only new on this car. It represents a complete change in making of trucks, including special materials in combination with some kind of aerodynamics (as much as possible on trucks), for better fuel economy and engine performances. To be more competitive, designers made the car acceptably wide for families and cute and modern for modern young buyers, too.

"This article is based on a rumors (It's not officialy confirmed)"


The most interesting about 2019 Dodge Rampage is shape and design of the car with many soft edges and angles. The front end, even massive at first glance is not rough and robust as it is usually seen on trucks, but soft and gentle giving a touch of elegance. Mesh front grille has recognizable metallic protection over it, separating on four, which ends with large LED front lights. Below it is wide metallic sheet and meshes air intake. The rear end is soft and has modern rear lights more like on sedans than on trucks.


The cabin is very comfortable and wide, roomy enough for five adult passengers. Thanks to the special polyurethane used in seats, they are a comfort for the favorable price. The cabin in 2019 Dodge Rampage is made of dark grey and red quality fabric, while the dashboard and steering wheel is made of plastic. But, the cabin looks comfortable and warm, with many additions to be even better. Commands are positioned on the center of dashboard under perfect angle for better control.


The engine in 2019 Dodge Rampage is as much innovative as design and main concept. It is 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine with 345 horsepower. As we said, the manufacturer made lightweight and aerodynamic truck which should decrease fuel consumption, the worst thing about trucks nowadays. However, the manufacturer announced a possibility of producing a diesel version, which will be offered before the truck comes up. All engines will get the five-speed automatic transmission.

2019 Dodge Rampage Release Date and Price

According to all we saw, we are sure that 2019 Dodge Rampage will attract buyers and remain on market for a long time. However, in case that you are interested in it, the price of $30,000 for base model sounds great for the large truck as Rampage is. Releasing date will be at beginning of next year.


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