2019 BMW i8 Spyder Spied

We wanted to spy 2019 BMW i8, but it like beat us. With those two front lights, below the hood it looks like he spies on us poignantly, so we were surprised with the impression it left on us. But that it is not the only thing which is amazing on this car. The new BMW shows completely new look on coupe cars, with unique removable roof and not usual rear glass. It has a special shape on the side of the car and looking at some photos from test driving, it will be offered in more than one version.


The front end of 2019 BMW i8 is, as we said, very interesting if we look the shape of the hood and two front lights below it. Those are thin and a dent in the middle lights, with recognizable grille, separated into two parts. The side of the car has a bent line in the middle of the doors, while some models in photos have additional colored lines over it. The most interesting are rear end. Making it be truly coupe truck, BMW achieve it to be more unique and recognizable. Even though on some photos it has curved lines on the top of the small rear glass, with very thin rear lights, on spy photos from test driving the truck is more like flat trucks on the coupes with two vertical spoilers on the top of it. Rear light on those photos is in shape of the letter U.


Spy photos do not allow us to see what is inside of the 2019 BMW i8, and the manufacturer has not offered much information about the technology there, so we must speculate about that. The rumors confirmed gesture control and multiple digital displays. It will be comforted cabin as is possible in this type of the cars, with all systems and ads usual on these types of the car that is for sure.

2019 BMW i8 Spyder Spied Engine

It is expected to be the same engine option in 2019 BMW i8 as on the current model, which is 1.5-liter three-inline six-speed automatic transmission with electric part. The strength of this model is 365 horsepower with 420 pound-feet of torque. The lasting of the battery is more than 15 miles which are great for the electric coupe. However, this is still weaker engine than on Acura’s, a major competition to this car model.

Conclusion, Release and Price

Before all other Auto Shows, 2019 BMW i8 has been shown on 2016 Consumers Electronics Show, where fans and buyers could get know with the great features of this engine and the car. So, be prepared for the future in this small and cute car. New i8 Spyder will probably come in the market next year as 2019 model. Price is still unknown and when we find new information we will update our post.
[Image Source: Autoevolution]


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