2018 Volkswagen Atlas Price and Review

2018 Volkswagen Atlas

According to the photos and descriptions, 2018 Volkswagen Atlas should be that one vehicle from this famous manufacturer which should change the bad luck with the bad selling of SUVs models on the American market. Although Volkswagen SUVs are on US market for even 14 years, there are only 400,000 models sold after that period, which is, comparing with, for example, Honda’s 360,000 sold only last year a poorly small sale. But, the new season starts for Volkswagen and it seems that Atlas will change this bad luck and start a new era. As we saw by now, they have many reasons to expect a high sale in years to come.
2018 Volkswagen Atlas


2018 Volkswagen Atlas has changed many bad and wrong things Volkswagen made by now. It is much more useful, has better details and it is surely much better designed. A sharp eye will notice some similarities with Honda’s trucks, but only in few details. If we can point to one best change in this model, that would surely be simplicity. The front end has wide gridded chromatic grille with well-incorporated lights and wide air intake below them. The bottom of the front bumper has aluminum protection. The rear end is a classic truck door on SUV, with modern designed rear lights.
2018 Volkswagen Atlas


This time 2018 Volkswagen Atlas has a much more comfortable cabin and great equipment, with roomy second and third row. Aside from the wide space for legs and knees in the second row, there are adjustable seats in all three rows with fold-and-slide functions in seats. It has seven seats in those three rows with available captain’s chair in the second row on demand, so there could be even six seats in this car. All of these make the cabin more comfort, so the passengers will be able to cross their legs during driving. The best thing, however, is much wider cargo space with the optional dropping off the back seats for expanding the space.


The base model of 2018 Volkswagen Atlas gets a 3.6-liter V6 engine with 276 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque, paired with eight-speed automatic transmission. The car is capable of increasing the speed of 60 mph for 7.9. There will be offered more efficient engine 2.0-liter inline-four but for some reasons, only for lower trim versions and with the front-wheel driving system. However, the stronger engine has been smooth and gentle on high speed with not much noise in the cabin.
2018 Volkswagen Atlas

2018 Volkswagen Atlas

2018 Volkswagen Atlas should be on the market at the end of the year with starting price around $31,000, but be prepared for much higher numbers if you choose better equipment.


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