2018 Trans am Super Duty – For Sale

2018 Trans Am Super Duty caused high interest even before the first wheel has been put on this cute and very attractive chassis. The thing is even more interesting now when those 50 models are on the market. Even though Dodge Camaro was attractive and interesting due to the strong vehicle and modern design, Trans Am will offer more. It could be because of a combination of vintage design and very strong 1,000 horse engine, which is, as co-founder of Trans Am Worldwide said, their first goal, but also maybe because everyone wants to have one of the 50 unique units.


The design of 2018 Trans Am Super Duty become known to a great combination of vintage and retro look supported by modern and attractive details. That is why old buyers will recognize famous grille with rounded lights (this time made in LED technology) and rounded hood that has an addition in rear end in form of modern truck door with sharp edges on the top, while the rear bumper has three lines over it instead of rear lights, to be more like classic Trans Am. The car is much wider and bigger than usual sporty cars, but also almost the same as old Trans Am.


The cabin of 2018 Trans Am Super Duty is as old-fashioned and traditional as the outside but also fulfilled with modern devices and technology. The feeling of uniqueness supports great hand-made embroidered seats and classical details.


The engine in 2018 Trans Am Super Duty is made in cooperation with special NASCAR team of engineers led by famous NASCAR owner and racer Joey Arrington. That cooperation resulted in the very strong 7.4-liter V8 engine. A special feature of the engine is even 1,000 horsepower of strength with 1,045 pound-feet of torque. That is for even 200 horsepower more than Demon has. As the owner of the factory said, the major goal of the factory was to put themselves on the list of rare cars with 1,000 horses under the hood.

2018 Trans am Super Duty Price and Order Info

As the last model was a special black-gold edition Bandit Trans Am Tribute Car, made as an honor to Bart Reynolds in only 77 units was highly popular and sold for a second, we were thrilled to see how 2018 Trans Am Super Duty will look like. As far we saw, we are not disappointed, especially if we know that many details in this car will be able to order as your special demand. According to that expect the price even more than $100,000.
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